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  • The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) claims it has evidence foreign intelligence agencies are preparing to launch cyberattacks to destabilize Russia’s financial system and attack its largest banks, RT reports. According to the FSB, the attacks will begin on December 5 and will include a large spam text message campaign and social network and blog […]
  • A report recently issued by the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council, indicates that the DHS plans to continue the use of private, for-profit prisons. “Fiscal considerations, combined with the need for realistic capacity to handle sudden increases in detention, indicate that DHS’s use of private for-profit detention will continue,” the document states, according to […]
  • NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden told Yahoo News on Sunday he leaked far less classified information than former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus. Petraeus, who is under consideration for a cabinet position in the Trump administration, “shared information that was far more highly classified than I ever did,” said Snowden. Petraeus shared classified documents with his […]
  • A group calling itself the “Hamilton Electors” has called for members of the Electoral College to pick a “consensus candidate” to replace president-elect Donald Trump. The Electoral College meets on December 19 to decide on the president. Hillary Clinton registered 64,654,483 total votes, compared to 62,418,820 for Trump, according to a Cook Political Report analysis, […]
  • Earlier this week Congress made headway on what might be described as a Ministry of Truth bill. A measure in the National Defense Authorization Act “calls on the State Department to lead governmentwide efforts to identify propaganda and counter its effects. The authorization is for $160 million over two years,” reports Stars and Stripes. The […]
  • Naked Capitalism, a website accused of spreading fake news by The Washington Post, has demanded a retraction. Yves Smith, aka Susan Webber, the editor of the financial news and analysis website, posted on Monday that First Amendment and defamation lawsuit lawyer Jim Moody will represent the website. Moody defended Linda Tripp, who worked in the […]
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told the first Inter-Parliamentary Jerusalem Platform Symposium in Istanbul that his military entered Syria to depose Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. “We entered [Syria] to end the rule of the tyrant al-Assad who terrorizes with state terror. [We didn’t enter] for any other reason,” Erdogan said. “We do not have an […]
  • Candidate Donald Trump came down hard on the tech industry during his campaign. He called for closing off the internet to Islamic radicals and said a boycott against tech giant Apple was in order for its refusal to cooperate with the FBI and unlock an iPhone associated with last year’s San Bernardino, California shootings. The […]
  • Following the death of the communist leader Fidel Castro, president-elect Donald Trump threatened to negate a deal reached in 2014 between Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro. The agreement restored diplomatic ties and removed travel and trade restrictions between the U.S. and Cuba. The deal also removes Cuba from a list of state terror sponsors. […]
  • Following accusations that Donald Trump won the presidency in part due to fake news stories, tech giants Google and Facebook have announced they will restrict advertising services. “In accordance with the Audience Network Policy, we do not integrate or display ads in apps or sites containing content that is illegal, misleading or deceptive, which includes fake […]
  • In response to the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida, a number of cities have announced they will pass local laws banning dispensaries. According to the Sun Sentinel, cities like Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton have temporarily banned marijuana dispensaries and treatment centers until they can assess the effects on the community and establish zoning […]
  • According to tech entrepreneur turned author Antonio Garcia Martinez, Facebook corporate culture resembles that of a fascist organization. Martinez, who worked in social media at the tech giant, writes in his book Chaos Monkeys the “corporate fascism”at Facebook “was intoxicating.” “Along with the new iPhone and MacBook laptop sitting in front of us, we received […]
  • David Brock, the conservative-turned-progressive who founded American Bridge, a Democrat PAC funded by George Soros, is offering millions of dollars for Apprentice footage showing Clinton rival Donald Trump in a bad light. Former contestants, crew members, and editors told the Associated Press Trump had treated women on the show inappropriately. Insiders said Trump demeaned women […]
  • New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani have praised Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s ability to avoid paying taxes. “There’s no one who has shown more genius in their way to maneuver about the tax code as he rightfully used the laws to do that,” Christie told Fox News. […]
  • During the debate on Monday rivals Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump offered more of the same in the way of proposed economic solutions for America. Trump declared he will prevent corporations from leaving the country. He said his proposed tax reductions will put an end to the flood or companies leaving. “That’s going to be […]