Oil may hit ‘peak demand’ within 15 years
10/28/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Oil may hit ‘peak demand’ within 15 years

Our society is rough shape. From the widespread civil unrest to the various environmental issues we are facing, to anyone who is paying attention it is clear that we cannot continue living the way we currently are. Tensions seem to rise every day and the natural resources on our planet are running out at an extremely fast rate. We are on the verge of World War III and it’s hard to deny that things seem to be heading in the wrong direction all around.

But things could go horribly wrong before we know it — because we are running out of oil and we don’t have a viable solution.

It was recently revealed by the World Energy Council that energy will reach its peak demand per capita in 2030. Given the fact that we don’t have nearly enough natural resources to fulfill this, it is absolutely frightening that we have yet to acquire adequate alternative energy sources in order to fulfill the world’s need for energy.

Rob Davies of The Guardian reports, “The ‘phenomenal’ growth of solar and wind energy is predicted to continue, while coal and oil will fade from the energy mix … while hydroelectric power and nuclear are also expected to grow. But fossil fuels will remain the number one source of energy, having fallen just 5% since 1970 from 86% of energy supply to 81% in 2014.”

Why our country has yet to invest in the search for reliable, alternative energy sources is unfathomable. We waste billions of dollars every year on warfare and welfare programs that aren’t helping our country in the slightest, but cannot seem to spare any amount of money to research wind and solar energy systems. This is a huge problem and a testament to just how many problems the United States federal government is basically ignoring.

Should things continue heading in the same direction, we could be facing a full scale collapse of society. When people are unable to obtain enough energy in order to power their devices, they will most definitely go to extreme measures in order to ensure their safety and prosperity. As history has proven, people behave like wild animals when they are faced with uncertain futures, so it is the smart thing to stay prepared for potential attacks.

While we always try to think the best of our neighbors, we never truly know how far they will go in order to stay alive. When the fossil fuels run out, we will truly find out who our friends are.






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