China is losing the battle against coronavirus, citizen journalist warns
02/02/2020 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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China is losing the battle against coronavirus, citizen journalist warns

An independent journalist recently traveled to Wuhan, China, to get a closer and more accurate look at what’s actually taking place on the ground, and what he discovered might shock you.

Feeding into suspicions that the communist Chinese government isn’t being totally honest about the spread of coronavirus, this individual ultimately made a shocking discovery: Things are far worse there than the world is being told.

As it turns out, Chinese people living in Wuhan have been handed a potential death sentence by their government, which imposed a mandatory quarantine and lockdown throughout the city that prevents people from leaving – meaning they’re now medical prisoners.

Further, the city is receiving no outside help, meaning it’s been summoned to handle it all alone – and it’s not going so well, to say the least.

“By quarantining the city, the government in Beijing had basically condemned the people of Wuhan to battle the virus on their own,” is how Zero Hedge explains what this citizen journalist discovered.

“Hospitals are so overwhelmed that people with obvious symptoms of the virus are still being turned away. Some severely ill people have been forced to visit five or six hospitals before being accepted for testing and treatment.”

Chinese hospitals are short on coronavirus testing kits, only receiving about 100 per day

Each district of Wuhan only has about four volunteer taxis that pick up sick patients and take them to the nearest hospital for testing. Meanwhile, the streets are closed to all other traffic and public transportation is currently halted – so whoever can’t catch one of these taxis is forced to walk, sometimes many miles, to the closest medical facility.

Not all hospitals in Wuhan are equipped for coronavirus testing, it’s important to note. And those that are only receive about 100 testing kits each per day, which is hardly enough to handle the growing onslaught of new patients.

Another thing is that many local hospitals are full, so taxis are having to tote infected patients around to sometimes five or six hospitals before finding one that accepts new patients.

“It’s just the latest sign that the true number of infections in China is much bigger than the numbers that have been released by the government,” Zero Hedge warns.

Communist Chinese government cracking down on citizen journalists who report truth

This citizen journalist also learned that the communist Chinese government isn’t too keen on people like him reporting what they see without their permission.

“I’m afraid,” this anonymous individual says (as translated into English) in a video he posted to YouTube about his experience.

“Behind me is disease. In front of me is China’s legal and administrative power … I’m not afraid of dying. Why should I be afraid of you, Communist Party?”

This journalist goes on to explain that he’s stopped putting his name on social media, and warns others not to share his videos on their social media accounts because their accounts could be frozen.

“A lot of doctors [at Sixth People’s Hospital] have been reported to have gotten ill, but doctors won’t accept my interview,” an English translation of this man’s account further reveals.

“They’ve all been told not to do interviews. Even some have their phones taken away, we think. We know that eight doctors were arrested before (in December) … Most people are shut up at home; if you don’t have transport it’s really hard to get to the hospital. And if you go, some people are not getting checked. Each area (jiedao) is only allocated four taxis, that’s four taxis per thousands of people.”

The full transcript of this video, which you’ll also see embedded below, is available for reading at Zero Hedge.

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