Self-defense 101: Safety tips for both men and women
02/09/2020 / By Zoey Sky / Comments
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Self-defense 101: Safety tips for both men and women

Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings and stay calm so you can protect yourself when SHTF. (h/t to

Safety tips for men

Men can also be the target of an attack. In general, men are twice as likely to be violently attacked than women.

Don’t be complacent just because you’re a man. Detailed below are self-defense tactics for men:

Understand the risk. 

Even men can be attacked in broad daylight, especially if you’re not on alert for possible dangers.

Always be alert.

Simply paying attention to the people around you can keep you safe. Being alert may deter potential attackers who often target victims that are focused on their phones and not what’s going on around them.

People react differently when they’re drunk.

A drunk person may have slower reflexes compared to someone sober. Keep this in mind before drinking too much when in an unfamiliar place.

Keep an eye on your belongings. 

Leave your phone in your pocket and other gadgets and accessories in your bag, especially while traveling. Don’t make yourself a target.

Know your route. 

Before leaving the house, familiarize yourself with the route you’re about to take. Be confident to deter predators looking for victims who seem confused or lost.

Take a different route to work.

If you think someone is following you, deviate from your usual route. This may throw them off and you can confirm whether your suspicions are true.

Being delayed by several minutes is a risk worth taking if you’re worried about your safety.

Bring a personal safety alarm.

Always have a personal safety alarm in your everyday carry kit (EDC kit). You never know when you might need it.

Don’t go looking for fights. 

Avoid confrontations, especially if the other person looks like they’re drunk or under the influence of drugs. Stay calm and try to talk your way out of an aggressive confrontation. If you believe you’re about to be attacked, try to leave the area immediately or head to a public location so you have witnesses who can vouch for you. Use self-defense as a last resort (Related: Fit and ready: Self-defense tips for preppers.)

Safety tips for women

There are a lot of articles with self-defense tips for women, so detailed below are other things that female preppers may not have thought about.

Pay attention to where you’re going. 

If you’re walking to work, face oncoming traffic to prevent sneak attacks. Be alert and keep your eyes open for strange vehicles that are following you. Don’t walk with your eyes on your phone. When walking late at night, wear reflective clothing and keep a self-defense weapon nearby.

Stay calm if you think you’re being followed. 

Cross over to the opposite side of the road, then go back to the path you were originally on to double-check. If the person is still following you, go to a busy area or a shop to ask for help. If a vehicle suddenly pulls up beside you, turn quickly and walk in the other direction.

Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations. 

Having a plan B before you go out and rehearsing your plan helps you react faster when something does go wrong.

If you’re leaving the house, text a family member or close friend to let them know where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone. Before changing your plans for the day, tell them. Don’t use isolated ATMs at night.

Carry a personal safety alarm. 

These devices are easy to conceal in your bag or pocket and turning them on can alert other people if you are attacked.

Learn basic self-defense. 

Even if you prefer to avoid confrontations, it is best to know the basics of self-defense.

If someone tries to grab you, don’t panic and give your attacker the upper hand. Stay calm even if you’re scared, and aim for their weak points:

  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Jaw
  • Adam’s apple (The “bulge” in their throat.)
  • Sternum (The flat bony area in the center of the chest.)
  • Solar plexus (Between the sternum and their stomach.)
  • Kidneys
  • Groin
  • Shin
  • Instep
  • Knee

These weak points will also disable female attackers. If you don’t have a weapon, bite or kick as hard as you can to incapacitate your opponent.

Both men and women should stay alert. Always pay attention to your surroundings to prevent attacks that may cost your life when SHTF.

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