Now Virginia Dems are moving to ban ALL criticism of government officials in a move that reeks of unconstitutional tyranny
02/11/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Now Virginia Dems are moving to ban ALL criticism of government officials in a move that reeks of unconstitutional tyranny

Our founding fathers arranged the amendments contained in our Bill of Rights in order of what they believed were the most important at the time.

As it turns out, the vast majority of them remain as important today as they were then.

The First Amendment, for example, contains guarantees for five separate rights: That government won’t interfere in the practice of free speech, the practice of any religion, the right to assemble peacefully to demonstrate and protest, the right to freely express oneself, and the right of the people to address government with grievances.

All of these are important elements in a free society where individual liberty is designed to flourish at the expense of government control and power. But increasingly, one political party — Democrats — are assaulting these basic rights, and that is especially the case in Virginia.

There, newly empowered Democrats who managed to take over all levers of lawmaking authority in November, have pledged to attack the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms, without government infringement, and have already done so with a bevy of new gun control proposals. (Related: Gun, ammunition sales skyrocketing in Virginia as citizens arm up in anticipation of tyrannical gun confiscation efforts by insane, deranged Democrats.)

But Democrats are now going after an even more fundamental right: The right of government redress in what is blatantly an unconstitutional power grab.

As reported by Big League Politics:

In the wake of the Virginia gun rights rally on Monday, Democrats in the Capitol are not slowing down their push for tyranny. They are moving a bill through the legislature that would effectively criminalize dissent against Governor Blackface Northam and other state government officials.

No, this isn’t a joke.

Democrats prove they are the real authoritarians

Last week, Delegate Jeffrey M. Bourne introduced House Bill 1627, which “provides that certain crimes relating to threats and harassment may be prosecuted in the City of Richmond if the victim is the Governor, Governor-elect, Lieutenant Governor, Lieutenant Governor-elect, Attorney General, or Attorney General-elect, a member or employee of the General Assembly, a justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, or a judge of the Court of Appeals of Virginia.”

“If any person, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, or harass any person, shall use a computer or computer network to communicate obscene, vulgar, profane, lewd, lascivious, or indecent language, or make any suggestion or proposal of an obscene nature, or threaten any illegal or immoral act, he is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor,” the legislation continues.

The language in the legislation, according to a review of it, clearly attempts to criminalize at least two protections within the First Amendment: Freedom of speech and the right to government redress.

No matter how Bourne or any other Democrat in Virginia tries to justify this bill, they can’t: It’s blatantly unconstitutional.

Because here’s how this would work: Democrats would claim that simple criticism or face-to-face verbal confrontation of the sort the Constitution specifically protects would rise to the level of “obscene,” or “vulgar,” or “profane,” or “indecent” regardless of the actual words used, and press for ordinary citizens to be prosecuted.

They would call such contact “harassment.” They would say that such contact is “threatening” and then press for ordinary citizens to be prosecuted.

Virginia Republicans are already wise to the legislation.

“Wow on cue, now they are after the 1A! Dems are trying to set up special rules exclusive to the Elite ruling class, to protect themselves from criticism!” Tina Freitas, wife of Republican Delegate Nick Freitas, called attention to this intolerable act in a Facebook post.

“What is considered harassment? Is Governor Infanticide/KKK Hood trying to avoid being held accountable? Are we no longer allowed to demand justice for the alleged rape victims of LG Fairfax? This is some straight up communist censorship!” she added.

This is what tyranny really looks like, and the Democrats are the party of it.

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