“Civil war” being waged inside Justice Department as Trump administration struggles against ongoing deep state coup: Time for mass arrests?
02/20/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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“Civil war” being waged inside Justice Department as Trump administration struggles against ongoing deep state coup: Time for mass arrests?

In an interview on Fox Business Network with Lou Dobbs on Wednesday, former national security correspondent and current Fox News contributor Sara A. Carter discussed the ongoing disparities of justice between “establishment” insiders and associates of President Donald Trump.

Specifically, Dobbs and Carter were discussing the outrageous sentencing recommendation made by federal prosecutors in the case of longtime Trump ally and GOP operative Roger Stone, as well as the inherent bias against the president by the lead juror.

Noting that the DoJ prosecutors — three of whom either were associated with the case by special counsel Robert Mueller to put Stone behind bars — were pushing to “severely” punish him, Carter pointed out that other ‘connected’ establishment officials have never even been charged for similar crimes, much less prosecuted.

“…[I]f you’re looking at Roger Stone, they talk about, you know, the lie to Congress, that he lied to Congress… well look at John Brennan and his lies to Congress, James Comey and his lies to Congress, James Clapper when he lied to all of America, I believe it was back in 2013 when he said there was no warrantless spying on Americans and we found out that was not the case. None of these people have been prosecuted, but Roger Stone is being prosecuted…and punished severely,” Carter told Dobbs.

The National Sentinel noted further:

In other words, there’s a two-tiered system of justice in our country today, and thus far, anyway, there is nothing that the Trump administration or his Justice Department have done about it — except continue to allow the [allegedly] guilty parties get away without even being indicted.

Most Americans always suspected there were two levels of ‘justice’ in the U.S. — one for the well-connected and one for the vast majority of the population — but we’ve all had our worst fears validated in the age of the Trump presidency.

We’ve literally seen people get away with attempting to stage a coup against a duly elected president simply because ‘they’ didn’t ‘select’ or ‘pre-approve’ of him. Sure, many of those involved have lost their jobs but they’ve been rewarded by Leftist deep state groups with GoFundMe accounts, lavish book deals, and other opportunities. 

Meanwhile, the system continues to unload on anyone whose major crime was being associated with the guy nobody wants in the White House — President Donald Trump.

‘They want to protect their privileges and policies’

This internal ‘civil war,’ if you will, was thrust into the open again this week, ensnaring one of the most honest men in Washington, Attorney General William Barr.

Because he dared to question the outrageous sentencing recommendation for Stone — it is, after all, his Justice Department and he is, after all, the AG — an unprecedented 2,000-plus ‘former DoJ prosecutors, employees, and appointees’ signed a letter demanding that Barr resign. 

Again, this is unprecedented; Barack Obama’s first AG, Eric Holder, was held in contempt by Congress and there weren’t mass calls for his resignation by ‘former DoJ’ officials.

But even the Barr resignation letter campaign was tainted; as The Federalist reports, the effort was put together by a Left-wing anti-Trump group; however, the biased “mainstream media” didn’t bother to check that. 

As USA Features News reported, Mike Flynn’s deputy, longtime Republican national security expert K.T. McFarlane was also caught up early on in the Mueller probe, which, by the way, was premised on the fabricated “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative. 

She told a local D.C. radio program that the prevalence of “unanswerable bureaucrats” in government and especially the Justice Department have made the U.S. “a very dangerous place.”

Explaining that Mueller’s hack prosecutors could not convince her to cop a plea to something she didn’t do nor implicate anyone else in the administration, she said, “We Americans have the constitutional right to have political revolutions at the ballot box and we go through this every four years because government by its nature, digs in, becomes status-quo. 

“They want to protect their privileges and policies and so whenever somebody comes along and says, ‘lets do something differently,’ they reisist, they fight,” she added.

If Trump doesn’t manage to bust up this deep state cabal, then our country is doomed to go to war with itself…again.

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