Steemit platform purchased by TRON as part of China’s bid to take control away from Americans who criticize communism, Falun Gong persecution
03/05/2020 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Steemit platform purchased by TRON as part of China’s bid to take control away from Americans who criticize communism, Falun Gong persecution

Blockchain company TRON, owned by Chinese millionaire Justin Sun, recently purchased Steemit, a unique content sharing platform co-created by Twitter co-founder Ned Scott, that rewards its best and most popular content providers with STEEM cryptocurrency based on the value of their work. Why is this significant? Because it’s happening to nearly every independent platform these days as China continues to buy out as much of the tech world as it can get its hands on in order to subdue it all under communism.

In what Cryptoslate describes as a “spending spree,” Sun has been busy acquiring all sorts of major blockchain companies in recent months, as well as partnering with other tech giants to steer the future of both cryptocurrency and technology at large in favor of communist ideals. By adding Steemit to its tech ecosystem, the TRON company is rapidly expanding its so-called “DApps” lineup of applications, all of which are built upon the STEEM blockchain.

If you’ve ever heard of D.Tube, as one prominent example, Steemit is the system that powers it. And this is exactly what Sun and China as a whole want: to power and control everything that people do online, from paying for things with cryptocurrency, to watching and sharing videos with their friends, to living their digital lives on social media – and everything in between.

Sun, in case you’re not familiar with his litany of tech acquisitions in recent years, is a rich, young millennial who was groomed by a Chinese business magnate, investor, and politician by the name of Jack Ma. Ma co-founded the well-known Alibaba Group, which is currently the world’s largest e-commerce business – even surpassing Amazon – that boasts a record-setting IPO in 2014 that was valued at $25 billion.

Under Ma’s guidance, Sun learned the ropes of how to sling around gobs of cash and take over major independent tech platforms like Steemit that were supposedly designed to be bastions of freedom – unlike more conventional platforms like Facebook and YouTube, which we know are now in the business of censorship. Now that Sun is in charge, Steemit will likely become a carbon-copy of these others, seeing as how every other tech platform influenced by China has pretty much gone full-on communist.

Steemit is currently the largest decentralized blockchain-based social media and blogging company in the world, by the way, while TRON is one of the largest decentralized ecosystems, as they call them, “providing fast network speed, high throughput stability, and scalability,” according to its company heads.

“TRON and Steemit’s development teams will immediately begin working together to bring Steemit and other STEEM blockchain-based DApps to TRON blockchain and its community of over 20 million users, products, and services,” a press release about this recent acquisition explains. “This partnership continues the beat of TRON’s rhythm in partnering with top firms like Samsung, Poloniex, Opera, and DLive to provide a dynamic value proposition to its users, investors, and community leaders.”

Sun, it’s further important to note, is also the CEO of BitTorrent, one of the world’s most popular peer-to-peer software systems through which “high-quality digital content such as video, music, and games” can be downloaded quickly and with relative ease for those who know how to use it. Sun’s goal, in other words, is to basically own the internet, which just so happens to be the very same goal as the communist Chinese regime from which he hails.

Will D.Tube be censored like YouTube now that it’s owned by communist China?

It’s only a matter of time before platforms like D.Tube become no different from YouTube in the way that content is shadow-banned, censored, or simply removed. You’re probably noticing that more and more YouTube channels of the “conspiracy” variety are having to self-censor certain words and phrases, as well as imagery, in order to avoid tripping the artificial intelligence (AI) censorship robots that will immediately target them for engaging in wrong-speak.

Such silencing tactics are among the many reasons why is exploding in popularity. People are tired of being told by Silicon Valley – or in this case, Beijing – what they can and can’t say online. Especially in the U.S., free speech is an enshrined right within our Constitution that isn’t to be infringed by enemies of our freedom, whether they’re here in our country or halfway around the world.

On the D.Tube website, the company claims that it’s “resistant to censorship” due to the “decentralized nature” of how it exists. “D.Tube is not able to censor videos, nor enforce guidelines. Only the users can censor it, through the power of their upvotes and downvotes,” it further explains.

The STEEM blockchain, it adds, is “immutable” in that sense, being run by the people who own and use it, for the people who own and use it. In other words, a bunch of far-left social justice warriors in the Bay Area of California aren’t able to selectively target content that upsets them while punishing the content providers who publish it. Instead, the system is user-based, at least for the time being.

You see, if someone like Sun is able to acquire all of the pieces that go into running a system like D.Tube, then it’s not an impossibility for him to alter it in favor of a more centralized setup that’s run from the top down, rather than from the top up, if you catch our drift.

What would it take to accomplish such a feat? It depends on how easily the STEEM blockchain can be hijacked by nefarious forces and turned into something other than what it was originally intended, or at least stated, to be. We’ve seen a similar type of thing happen to Bitcoin, which many believed was decentralized and controlled by the people, but that is really just a Ponzi scheme that’s making a few insiders rich at the expense of the gullible.

Just like how the U.S. government is trying to take over Bitcoin, Justin Sun is taking over STEEM, D.Tube, and whatever else he can get his hands and money on, the endgame of which would seem to be total control over all online ecosystems.

As it turns out, Sun is a convicted felon whom the communist Chinese government actually is trying to extradite on accusations of illegal fundraising, money laundering, pornography, gambling, running an illegal cockfighting ring in the basement of TRON headquarters, and “being a national embarrassment.”

“The Chinese Communist party, known for imprisoning, torturing, and killing its wealthy citizens who screw up or flaunt their wealth, was eager to imprison the arrogant Mr. Sun and make him a statistic,” one report explains about the character of the young money tech magnate.

“We have learned that Justin Sun’s social credit score has since been lowered to zero, a score so low it ranks below disgraced Bitmain founder Jihan Wu who has since been sentenced to forced labor as a janitor in Hong Kong’s gambling junkets, cleaning up after Chinese government officials.”

Is this really the type of guy we want running the internet and its burgeoning digital money systems? We certainly didn’t think so.

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