Beijing Doctor says Wuhan is like “hell on Earth,” outbreak far worse than officially reported
03/07/2020 / By Lance D Johanson / Comments
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Beijing Doctor says Wuhan is like “hell on Earth,” outbreak far worse than officially reported

An underground media outlet based in the U.S., with sources in China, interviewed an anonymous Beijing doctor. The doctor, going by the alias Hou Yong, is a director of internal medicine at a Beijing hospital. He has witnessed firsthand how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has mishandled the coronavirus outbreak. He describes the city of Wuhan as “hell on Earth” where sick people have been rounded up and crowded together, instead of being properly quarantined, monitored and treated.

Chinese Communist Party has doctors scared to speak out about what’s really going on

The World Health Organization has repeatedly praised the Chinese response, even though the outbreak originated in that country, they maintained a higher-than-average death rate, and it spread to countless other countries rather quickly. Hou Yong says the corruption and incompetence of the Chinese Communist Party has exacerbated the outbreak. He testifies that recently confirmed coronavirus cases at a local hospital are “very serious.”

When these local hospitals were contacted, most of the doctors did not want to talk about the outbreak, fearing that there will be consequences for speaking out. The CCP has a stranglehold over the doctors. Medical professionals are forced to report “official” statistics and stick with the government’s script. A radiologist at Peking University People’s Hospital was responsible for identifying cases based on CT scans. He declined to provide more information. “You must be aware of the situation in China regarding disclosing coronavirus cases to the public,” said Hong Nan. “I certainly can’t tell you the exact number.”

Hou Yong revealed that Beijing is hiding the true number of cases. When Beijing announced more than 300 confirmed cases, they failed to relay that most were transmitted in the community, person-to-person. This means that several hundred more could potentially be infected and the official numbers are skewed.

Chinese officials not using proper quarantine measures, exacerbating the outbreak

In the interview, Hou Yong warned that one of the most recent cases at Peking University’s People’s Hospital is “a big issue” because more than 140 patients who recently visited the dialysis department were potentially affected. All of these patients are now quarantined because one of the frequent visitors to the department came down with coronavirus infection. “Anyone who came into contact with these 140 plus patients or their families in the past two weeks could have been infected, so the impact could be very big,” he relayed.

Hou Yong says patients are being crowded into makeshift hospitals, whether they have a confirmed infection or not. “It violates the most basic principle of fighting infectious disease. They need to be quarantined,” he warns.

He says the “whole Wuhan bureaucracy is among the worst in China.” Doctors who are called to Wuhan are not supplied with safety gear or food. “Going to Wuhan is like an invitation to one’s doom.” The doctors who worked with Hou Yong were told they’d be sent to Wuhan for two weeks, but have not been back for almost a month. “They are on the brink of total collapse,” he warns.

This shows just how nefariously effective the Chinese government has been at controlling, not the outbreak, but the minds of the Chinese citizenry. The CCP has blocked any dissent and punishes those who speak out about what’s really going on. According to Yong, China is currently working on a big network project so they can stop using servers from the U.S. The CCP is establishing a new domestic root server that would give China its own local area network, allowing the government to have complete control over the flow of online information.

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