First toilet paper, now GUNS are flying off the shelves – firearm and ammo sales surging in many states
03/17/2020 / By Lance D Johanson / Comments
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First toilet paper, now GUNS are flying off the shelves – firearm and ammo sales surging in many states

First, it was the toilet paper, and then the groceries started to disappear. More shortages are coming. Right now, personal protection items are flying off the shelves as firearm and ammo sales surge in many states.

Online ammo retailer,, has seen a surge in ammo sales from February 23 to March 4. Ammo transactions have surged 68 percent in that time, compared to the 11 days before February 23rd. As colleges, businesses, churches, and restaurants are ordered to shut down, people are preparing for societal upheaval.

“When I say sales have been booming, it’s an understatement,” says David Stone, owner of Dong’s Guns, Ammo and Reloading in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Even though the state has seen very few coronavirus cases, people are preparing for the worst. Stone says the store has been seriously depleted over the last few days.

More truckers are picking up firearms. Knowing that their services have become increasingly important to the infrastructure of the United States, truckers are getting ready to protect themselves in case looters and bandits try to rob them.

David Stone says he has been selling many firearms to truckers coming off of Interstate 44 in Oklahoma. “You got to be protected for all sorts of stuff,” Stone said. “Seems like the world has gone mad.”

Gun ownership is surging in liberal states, as untrained, unprepared people buy guns for a sense of security

The greatest surge in gun sales is happening in California, New York, and Washington. First-time gun buyers are showing up at the gun stores in the liberal states. Wanting a sense of security, the untrained are suddenly trying to prepare for societal upheaval. The Martin B. Retting gun shop in California was overrun with customers over the weekend, as a long line of people waited to get in the store. For several years, many of these customers have been told that firearms are unnecessary and dangerous. Anti-gun politicians have misled people for far too long.

Untrained and stressed out, these new gun owners may ultimately become a danger to themselves and their communities because they don’t know how to accurately discharge a weapon or act with poise under duress. Moreover, clueless young children may get their hands on their untrained parent’s firearms and not understand that they are holding a tool, not a toy. New gun owners, not having learned firearm safety themselves nor having taught it to their children, could become a detriment to society.

Longstanding gun owners and preparedness-minded individuals, who have trained and prepared their minds, will be more likely to handle what is coming. Many gun owners are also growing suspicious that local and state governments may begin to use emergency powers to restrict gun purchases. In fact, the mayor of Champaign, IL, signed an emergency order, giving him the power to do just that. Like a good communist, this mayor does not want to let a good crisis go to waste.

No matter what governments do to restrict personal protection, America is heading in a direction where the rule of law may become an afterthought, where gun laws are not followed at all. As millions of people (with no savings, living paycheck to paycheck) run out of food and purpose, they may turn to crime to feed their families. Let’s hope that America doesn’t go in this direction. In the end, communities may have no choice but to work together, barter and trade, and create a new normal – for everything they once knew is slowly being disheveled.

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