It’s time for Trump to develop a rapid four-year plan to discontinue ALL reliance on Communist China which unleashed the coronavirus on the world
03/24/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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It’s time for Trump to develop a rapid four-year plan to discontinue ALL reliance on Communist China which unleashed the coronavirus on the world

As the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) began in the United States, it became clear immediately that Democrats and the unhinged Leftists who run deep blue cities and states around the country were going to use it as an ‘opportunity’ to politically wound President Donald Trump.

Not that the virus is fake or that it’s not ‘as bad’ as what we’re being led to believe, of course. The virus is real, it is killing people, and it is spreading.

One more thing: Regardless of what liberal hacks in the “mainstream” media say, the virus did come from China.
In fact, COVID-19 is the second major outbreak that emanated from China in as many decades. Recall that the SARS epidemic also originated in the world’s biggest petri dish.

Without question, the Communist Chinese government is to blame for the spread of coronavirus. The government hid the fact that it had a novel (new) virus on its hands as early as November 2019, but didn’t alert the outside world and in fact allowed the annual Lunar New Year celebration, attended by hundreds of millions all over the country, to proceed.

As Lifesite News reported: 

The truth is that Communist Party officials have been playing “hide the demon” for two months now. For weeks after the first coronavirus cases were reported, they pretended that it didn’t exist. 

Even when the number of people who had come down with the coronavirus became too large to hide by early January, officials continually minimized the seriousness of the disease to their own people—and to the world.

Since the outbreak, the Communist Chinese government has lied about disease rates, hid the number of deaths, fudged production numbers to make it seem as though a recovery was underway, and refused to come clean about all it knows regarding coronavirus.

Diana Zhang, writing for The Epoch Times, notes that the death toll from the virus in China alone may have surpassed 1 million people based on witness accounts and anecdotal data like the loss of millions of Chinese cellphone accounts. 

Eliminating CCP doesn’t require World War III

“Now, we have become victims, as the virus has crossed borders. Should we continue to deal with CCP like we are dealing with a group of gentlemen?  We have lost our manufacturing jobs; we have lost intellectual property; now, are we are going to lose our family members, and maybe our own lives?” she writes. 

The time has come for the Communist Chinese government to pay a price for unleashing this bug on the planet.

As tens of millions of Americans now exist under lockdowns; as scores of “non-essential” businesses are forced to close, leaving workers jobless; as 401(k) retirement plans tank on Wall Street due to uncertainty about the virus’ impact on the U.S. and global economy; as China fails to learn the lessons of what it takes to become a civilized great power in the 21st century — it’s time for Beijing to pay a price.

President Trump is looking more likely to be reelected in November. His polling numbers were improving before the virus and most Americans approve of the way he’s handling it. Plus, Joe Biden has mental acuity issues and won’t hold up under scrutiny.

Therefore, when the president is reelected he must immediately put in place a pre-planned program of reducing America’s reliance on China to zero by the end of his second term. The Chinese don’t deserve to have first-world status with a third-world mentality. 

“When a cancer continues to grow, what is the end result?” Zhang writes. “Eliminating the CCP does not require World War III. If we cut our ties to it, it will starve to death quickly, like a cancer separated from its host.”

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