Should China and the CDC have been more transparent about COVID-19 many months ago?
03/26/2020 / By Lance D Johnson / Comments
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Should China and the CDC have been more transparent about COVID-19 many months ago?

When a large number of people living in Wuhan China mysteriously started to fall ill with respiratory symptoms late in 2019, the Chinese government quickly began to suppress information surrounding the outbreak. This has been confirmed by multiple Chinese reports and doctors who feared for their life if they talked about the outbreak. The Chinese communist government did not want doctors or reporters to talk about why symptoms were not being differentiated from other common infections, why people were hastily rounded up and improperly treated by the government. More detailed information about underlying health conditions and comorbidity would have been useful for understanding the crisis, including information on hasty medical errors, co-infections, and drug failure. Transparency and accurate data would help explain why people are dying.

Lack of transparency and misunderstanding of infection led to worldwide crisis, panic

US President Donald Trump has recently changed his tone toward China, blasting the Chinese government for lack of transparency from the very beginning. At a White house news conference, the President said, “It could have been stopped right where it came from, China.”

Should China have been more transparent about COVID-19 many months ago?

Due to the lack of transparency from China, Trump did the single best thing he could to protect the American people: ban travel from China. By then, it might have been too late, as a new strain of respiratory illness started to spread into the United States and around the world, causing panic about all respiratory symptoms and fear that this strain would have more deadly consequences.

Should the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) have taken a more precise, balanced approach to addressing risk factors? Should the government agencies have attempted to understand immune suppression and comorbidity of those at highest risk before advising governments to lock down entire economies — which has only caused more panic, financial instability, stressful circumstances, and more immune suppression? Lock-down decisions were made without proper testing, without proper understanding of the illnesses circulating in the U.S. From the onset, the tried-and-true, gold standard science that the CDC has relied on was giving out false positives in controls, throwing into question the validity of the tests and the entire surveillance of COVID-19.

Dr. Deborah Birx, part of the President’s coronavirus task force, said that only 4 percent of the tests in South Korea detected viral RNA for COVID-19. That means 96 percent of the tests were positive for “different respiratory viruses”  — as she admitted on air. Most people who are showing respiratory symptoms do not have coronavirus, she reassured.

Italy reports that 99 percent of the deaths there were due to underlying health conditions, co-infections and compounding chronic disease factors. Populations today are not prepared to face viral infection due to mal-nourishment and immune-deficiency that has tragically become a part of our lives through over dependence on immune suppressant drugs and nutrient-void foods.

These problems at the highest levels of government illicit more questions about the lack of understanding of infectious disease.

More questions surround the COVID-19 worldwide crisis

Why aren’t health authorities letting the public know why some people are more susceptible to this respiratory virus? A deficiency of mannose binding lectins (MBLs), an innate immune surveillance protein system in the body, could help predict who is at greatest risk to any type of respiratory infection. MBLs are an effective lung surface defense system that can detect and bind to the surface of microbes and activate the complement system in an antibody. Why haven’t authorities also asked for the widespread manufacture and utilization of nutraceuticals, that activate the innate immune system, to help save lives, regardless of the infection’s name?

Why aren’t health authorities addressing the underlying immune-deficiencies and comorbidities that factor into the death rate of this pandemic? A Department of Defense study shows that the trivalent influenza vaccine causes viral interference, making vaccinated people more susceptible to coronaviruses specifically. Everyone vaccinated with the flu vaccine could more readily test positive and become infected by coronaviruses. Other studies show that flu vaccination increases hospitalizations for flu-like illnesses three fold – a factor that isn’t being considered as populations are readily affected by various infections.

Governments around the world have issued lockdowns over fears of “asymptomatic carriers,” yet Chinese studies now show that a large percentage of these cases are false positives. It turns out that virus transmission requires more than just detection of viral RNA. Viruses need to gain entry into cells. In order to multiply and be a real threat to people, viruses have to exploit several facets of the immune system before they automatically cleave to lung cells and cause transmission through coughing and aerosols from the throat and nose. There are several factors within the human immune system that influence infection rate, transmission, complication and death, but we’re all taught to be afraid of one another no matter what, to live separated indefinitely, and to believe that we are all powerless in determining the resilience of our immune systems.

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