No protests allowed: Virginia governor “Blackface” Northam signs bevy of gun control bills while citizens are locked down due to coronavirus
04/12/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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No protests allowed: Virginia governor “Blackface” Northam signs bevy of gun control bills while citizens are locked down due to coronavirus

When Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was discovered in a med school yearbook photo depicting him either in “blackface” or wearing a KKK costume, most political analysts thought his career was over.

But of course, Northam is a Democrat so Democrats — including blacks — forgave him because they are all monumental hypocrites. After all, Democrats wound up controlling the state legislature after the 2019 elections so they’d need a Democrat in the governor’s mansion to push through their Left-wing agenda.

Nothing like looking the other way when you have a political opportunity, huh? 

For his part, Northam is delivering. While he has his citizens locked down to mitigate the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), state Democrats passed and he signed a raft of new gun control legislation that includes ‘universal’ background checks and rationing of firearms.

Breitbart News reports: 

Northam’s office announced his signature on Senate Bill 70 / House Bill 2, creating the universal checks and thereby outlawing private gun sales.

He signed Senate Bill 69 / House Bill 812 resurrecting Virginia’s “one-handgun-a-month rule to help curtail stockpiling of firearms and trafficking.”

What a Nazi. Now Northam and Democrats in Virginia get to decide how many guns their citizens are permitted to buy and how often. Who cares if someone has a “stockpile” of guns — which is just a Leftist buzz word used to instill fear and loathing of firearms? As long as someone isn’t using their ‘stockpile’ to break the law and kill people, what difference does it make? And ‘trafficking’ as well as allowing straw purchasers to buy firearms is fine as long as a Democrat president named Obama is doing it. 

Democrats were forced to rethink their strategy before the lockdown

In a tweet, Northam used a familiar Left-wing Democrat anti-gun talking point to claim the new laws are “commonsense gun safety measures,” but as Breitbart News points out, “he did not mention that they would not have prevented the May 31, 2019 Virginia Beach shooting that he used as an impetus for gun control.”

Other measures signed into law include requirements that gun owners report stolen firearms within 48 hours or face a “civil penalty.” So, as Breitbart’s Awr Hawkins notes, that “puts the onus for a gun theft on the gun owner, rather than the individual who stole the firearm.”


After Democrats won control of the state legislature, Northam pledged to support a ‘war’ on guns and, by default, the Second Amendment. Originally, that included measures that banned certain classes of firearms (like those awful “assault weapons”), ammunition magazines that held more than 10 rounds — because Democrats know how many bullets you’re going to need to defend yourself at any given time — and firearm suppressors (which are already regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934). 

Democrats were forced to rethink their strategy after they faced widespread opposition before taking control of the legislature, but as we can see, they no longer seem worried or concerned about a public backlash. That might have something to do with stay-at-home orders which Northam put in effect until June 10, for some reason.

“Well over 100 local governments in Virginia declared Second Amendment Sanctuary status in response to the gun control push, and some law enforcement officials were vocal in their opposition to new controls as well,” Hawkins wrote.

The fact is none of these new laws is constitutional because every one of them violate the “infringement clause” of the Second Amendment. ‘Shall not be infringed’ means exactly what it says — you can’t impede the acquisition or ownership of guns in America. Our founders saw to it.

Hopefully, Virginia gun owners are preparing to take their rights back in federal courts of law after a lawless racist governor and his band of hypocrite Democrats took them away.

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