Survival watches, satellite phones and more: 8 Innovative preps you may need when SHTF
04/27/2020 / By Arsenio Toledo / Comments
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Survival watches, satellite phones and more: 8 Innovative preps you may need when SHTF

Filling up your storage with the essentials is no easy task. You must prioritize food, water, a couple of weapons for self defense, a first aid kit and other medical supplies and any space you have left will be for any other tool or piece of equipment you may need. If your stockpile still has some space, there are plenty of new, high-tech gadgets that can make your survival experience a lot easier. Here are eight of those innovative products that you should consider getting. (h/t to

Survival watch

The market is filled with watches that have “smart” features, which basically means that the watch has features that you would normally find on a smartphone or a computer. However, preppers shouldn’t dismiss many of these features. Preppers will need a good watch that can help them tell the temperature and when the sun will rise and set. It’s an added bonus if your survival watch also has a GPS.

Unmanned aerial vehicle

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, as of March 2020, there are over 1.5 million registered drones operated in the United States by 171,744 certified pilots. While drones may be popular as weapons used by the military for surgical strikes, drones can also be used by preppers as tools for scouting. If you’re uncertain about where you are, simply let your drone fly to help you gauge your surroundings. If you’re in a dangerous situation, a drone can help you survey the area without exposing yourself.

Pocket drone

If stealth is your priority, then consider getting a pocket or mini drone. Many of these kinds of drones can technically be classified as toys; however, that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing them if you truly need it, especially if the pocket drone you want to get has a built-in high-definition camera that can still do reconnaissance work for you. (Related: Drones aren’t just for killing people: Inventor envisions drones that deliver packages and people across town.)

Ultraviolet water disinfection system

Having a steady supply of clean water during an emergency is very important. According to the survival rule of threes, you cannot survive for more than three days without water. So, having a home disinfection system can work to your benefit, such as an ultraviolet water disinfection system, which uses the power of the sun’s ultraviolet rays to get rid of any germs in your water supply.

Solar-powered generator

Your ultraviolet water disinfection system requires power to run. During survival situations, your source of electricity may be unreliable, which is why it’s smart to have a generator in your home. While having a regular, gas-powered generator will definitely come in handy, a solar-powered generator removes the need to keep procuring fuel altogether.


If you have to bug out, you will need to bring as much food as you can with you. To do this, you will need a storage container that can keep raw food items, such as meat and vegetables, cool and safe from spoiling for as long as possible. This is why having a top-notch cooler is important. The most robust coolers on the market can keep your food from spoiling for several hours. If you’re going camping, with the right cooler you can be certain that your drinks will still be cold by the time you get to your campsite.

Distress light

Many sailors have taken to using electronic flares and distress lights. These items, much like regular flares, can help you be spotted by rescuers. Distress lights are useful out at sea, and preppers should also consider getting them, as they can work just as well as flares do. One such distress light, the Sirius Signal SOS C-1001, has a light that can be visible for up to 10 nautical miles. If you’re stuck in a difficult situation and need a way out, a distress light can help you.

Satellite phone

During disaster situations, you may not be able to rely on regular forms of communication. The internet may go down and cell towers may not be able to function. During these scenarios, a satellite phone might just help you get in touch with somebody you need to contact. Satellite phones, as their name suggests, don’t rely on cell towers in order to work. They use satellites, which allow them to be a reliable instrument for communicating long distances.

When it comes to prepper gear, you will need all the help you can get. There are plenty of high-tech gadgets on the market today that can greatly enhance a prepper’s ability to survive SHTF situations.

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