Chinese access, money turns globalist billionaires like Bill Gates into ChiCom propagandists and puppets
05/01/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Chinese access, money turns globalist billionaires like Bill Gates into ChiCom propagandists and puppets

How in the world can American citizens who became fabulously wealthy thanks to our capitalist system come to admire and even support a foreign authoritarian regime that offers far fewer rights and a lot more totalitarian control over the economy?

When that country is also fabulously wealthy, possesses a massive untapped market, and wields the kind of power the American billionaire can only dream about but nonetheless admires.

In an essay for Breitbart News, John Hayward addresses Microsoft multi-billionaire founder Bill Gates’ recent defense of the Chinese Communists and their role in concealing, and thus worsening, the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Hayward looks askance at Gates’ recent attempts to deflect blame from Beijing even as tens of thousands of Americans have died from a virus now believed by U.S. intelligence officials to have accidentally escaped from a Chinese lab.

He writes: 

Gates raised eyebrows this week by denouncing efforts to hold the CCP responsible for the pandemic it unquestionably unleashed as a “distraction” in which “a lot of incorrect and unfair things” have been said about the Communist regime. He asserted that “China did a lot of things right at the beginning.”

Chinese state media immediately declared Gates a hero, a sensible opponent of “bizarre rumors” spread by American critics of the CCP and their “crazy followers,” and began repeating his comments in its propaganda broadcasts, an outcome Gates surely must have known was coming.

It’s jarring, Hayward notes, to see anyone from the Western Big Tech community defend ChiComs, especially because Beijing’s biggest sin in the coronavirus pandemic was propagating misinformation. China did this by concealing information about the virus for as long as possible, punishing Wuhan-based doctors who tried to warn everyone what was coming, feeding false data through to the World Health Organization where the ChiComs knew it would be parroted without question, and then falsifying illness and death rates.

Gates admires the power and control of the ChiCom government

Hayward also lashed out at the great experiment of attempting to bring the ChiComs into the Western fold. The process began during the administration of President Richard Nixon, who ‘opened the door’ to China in the early 1970s under the guise that doing so would ‘show’ them the advantages of capitalism and democracy.

The Chinese took some of the capitalist principles and used them to grow the world’s second largest economy; but the democracy part didn’t take at all.

In fact, as Hayward correctly notes, the ChiComs used their wealth to spread even more authoritarian influence.

“The hideous mistake made by the Western world three decades ago was embracing the globalist faith that ‘engagement’ with democracies will liberalize tyrannies over time,” he writes. “The exact opposite is true. The CCP aggressively uses every bit of economic leverage it has been given to influence media and politics in the Western world, making them more friendly to authoritarianism.

“We are becoming more like them, not the other way around, and the process begins at the top because the CCP holds a great deal of sway over our captains of industry and the commanders of mass media,” he adds.

Globalist vaccine pushers like Gates are admiring of the power of the ChiCom government to control, as are American media moguls who would love to have the kind of influence and dominance over information Americans get that Beijing has over its own people.

Think about why the Communist-loving Left-wing media so despises Fox News: It’s not just because the Right-leaning network beats all the rest in ratings, it’s because it’s an alternative to statist control of one-sided political messaging.

Now that China is manufacturer to the world and remains one of the largest untapped markets on the planet, the ChiComs that Gates & Co. so admire are using the influence and power we gave them against us. 

“Why are people who made billions off the free market so willing to parrot the line from Beijing? Simple: because they see little profit in parroting the countless confusing lines emanating from the rambunctious populations of their own countries,” Hayward writes. 

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