Pelosi now wants to spend more trillions to subsidize indebted Democrat states and call it “coronavirus relief”
05/03/2020 / By JD Heyes / Comments
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Pelosi now wants to spend more trillions to subsidize indebted Democrat states and call it “coronavirus relief”

It should be obvious by now that the Democrats are attempting to use a legitimate national emergency — the coronavirus pandemic — to bankrupt the country and destroy our system of government while finally getting rid of President Trump.

During an interview on CNN — the ‘official’ channel of the Donkey Party — Pelosi said she’s already looking at another multi-trillion dollar “coronavirus relief bill” that she claims is needed to pay for “losses” incurred by states during the pandemic-related shutdowns.

Pelosi was responding to criticism from yappers like New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo who is blasting Congress for not sending him and blank check he can use to wipe out his state’s debt brought on by decades of pathetic Democratic leadership. 

That will require a fifth coronavirus relief bill following the fourth one signed by Trump on Friday.

Which is after the trillions of dollars already spent — in record time. Where in the world did all of that money go already?

“Just calm down,” Pelosi said in response to Cuomo’s begging, Breitbart News reported. “We will have state and local and we will have it in a very significant way.”

At the same time, Pelosi ‘encouraged’ state and local leaders to complain more loudly — which they’ll do. And those complaints will be broadcast by the left-wing echo chamber media and Republicans like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has already said he doesn’t want to bail states out, will be ‘shamed’ into going along. It’s an old Democrat tactic.

“The governors are impatient. I’m a big fan of Gov. Cuomo, my own governor, Gavin Newsom, has been so spectacular, my mayor … State and local have done their jobs magnificently. They should be impatient, their impatience will help us get an even bigger number,” Pelosi said.

Translation: Congress wants to spend more money we don’t have, further burdening future generations with debt and collapse.

It’s time to shut off the deficit spending spigot

For his part, McConnell, Kentucky Republican, said states and cities that were being mismanaged before the pandemic should declare bankruptcy if they can manage it — but that taxpayers should not have to bail them out because they were broke before governors and mayors shut down their economies. (Related: Did China cover up the deaths of MILLIONS from coronavirus?)

And he’s already warned the White House that if it wants more money, Trump is going to have to do something about the massively expanding federal debt he once blasted Obama over, the Washington Examiner reports: 

Trump supports another massive rescue package as the pandemic takes a sledgehammer to the economy six months before Election Day. But McConnell is slamming on the brakes, responding to rising opposition from his conference after nearly $3 trillion in coronavirus spending approved since March spiked the debt to $24.6 trillion. The Kentucky Republican is determined not to get boxed in by any deal negotiated by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and an administration comfortable with deficits.

“We’ve got to take a pause, here,” Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.) told the news outlet.

He went on to confirm that Republican senators have been voicing opposition to more ‘rescue’ packages that are simply going to blow out the debt to a level where we could never hope to pay it off — which will eventually lead to massive inflation (because economic principles don’t change just because we have a GOP president). 

Still, to any extent that new spending takes place, Thune says Pelosi and House Democrats should but out of the ‘negotiations’ — which will be kind of hard for them to do given that per the Constitution, all spending bills have to originate in the lower chamber.

Bottom line: Democrats and too many within the Trump administration are far too willing to blow up our kids’ future and they’re more than willing to use the coronavirus pandemic to do it if it means short-term political gain.


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