In 2009, 60 million Americans caught “SWINE FLU” and 12,500 died, but no travel ban, no lockdowns, and no one blamed Obama
05/25/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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In 2009, 60 million Americans caught “SWINE FLU” and 12,500 died, but no travel ban, no lockdowns, and no one blamed Obama

Don’t even start to try to downplay the Swine Flu pandemic now, just because there’s a new fear trending in America. The CDC themselves are still putting out warnings about H1N1pdm09 flu virus circulating “seasonally” in the United States, causing “significant illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths.” Oh yes, they are, but that’s only because Obama is no longer in office.

In the spring of 2009, the virus reared its ugly head in the USA and quickly “splattered” its way, pandemic-style, around the world. And just like novel coronavirus COVID-19, the new H1N1 virus was a lab-made concoction and combination of flu virus genes never before identified in any animals, including humans. Nobody young had immunity to this pharma-made combo-virus, but some elderly folks had some antibodies from exposure to the old H1N1 strains. Vaccines were useless against it, as were flu shots.

After the illness had already peaked a second wave, and exited the USA, the pharma thugs finally came out with a toxic jab. Too little too late.

Sixty million cases took out over 12,000 humans and put them six feet under. No lockdowns. No closed businesses. No social distances rules, laws, or Leftists freaking out. Definitely NO blaming Obama. Lamestream “fake news” media absolutely loved Obama, still does. There were also no travel bans, stopping US citizens from spreading the dirty, lab-made pig flu around the world. Damn those evil little “engineers” in their white lab coats.

CDC estimates nearly 600,000 people DIED during the first year of circulation of H1N1 pandemic worldwide

Does anyone even remember? In 2009, over 60 million Americans were infected with “SWINE FLU” H1N1, with 275k hospitalizations and 12,500 deaths – yet no media panic, no blaming Obama, no travel ban, no lockdowns.

Over 80 percent of deaths from swine flu occurred in humans under 65 years old, the complete flip of novel-coronavirus statistics. Swine flu also featured respiratory infections and complications that lead to deaths. Finally, in August of 2010, WHO claimed it was all over. Nothing more to worry about, but the virus still circulates as a “seasonal” influenza. Go figure.

Should we all still be terrified, and go crawl under our beds for 3 months, while our businesses go bankrupt and we run out of food? Why didn’t we all get banned from traveling anywhere, or arrested for going to the park with our children then? Did the Democrats fear crashing the economy even worse than the housing bubble of ’08? Oh no, wouldn’t want to see Obama get blamed for spreading Swine Flu around the world either. Then he wouldn’t have won in 2012, right? It’s all fear-based propaganda. Here’s more:

Here are the top 13 fears from the propaganda fear plan embedded in our brains over the last decade

1999 – Y2K will destroy everything! The computers will all explode and the nuclear weapons will launch by default.

2001 – Anthrax will annihilate us all! Remember how NPR pushed out just how the “Anthrax Terror Unfolded.”

2002 – West Nile Virus will kill everybody (deadly mosquitoes everywhere)!

2003 – SARS will eliminate us all.

2005 – Bird Flu is a doomsday pandemic.

2009 – Swine Flu wrecks havoc.

2012 – Mayan Calendar predicts Dooms Day (Countdown to the End of the World)!

2013 – North Korea to start WW III.

2014 – Ebola will eat everyone alive from the inside out. (Remember the US purposely imported doctors who had Ebola into Atlanta and New York.)

2015 – ISIS is taking over.

2016 – Zika virus is coming! (Remember the Zika Virus SuperBowl scare?)

2017 – The Russians are Taking Over!

2020 – COVID-19 will wipe out the world!

Fear is big business in the USA, and so is the dirty vaccine industry. And there are reasons, folks, to never, ever get vaccinated again. Vaccine science isn’t what it used to be, and it used to be weak in the first place. Don’t trust these dirty vaccines pushed by Bill Gates, Merck, and the rest of the globalist, biotech, genetic engineers that embed deadly virus strains with mercury and aluminum in vaccines that send children into convulsions (think multi-vial influenza vaccinations here).

Tune your internet dial to for ways to protect your family with the right food, supplies, ammo, weapons, and the Bill of Rights.

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