If your city is run by corrupt, controlling, terrorist-sympathizing democrats, abandon it ASAP
06/05/2020 / By Lance D Johnson / Comments
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If your city is run by corrupt, controlling, terrorist-sympathizing democrats, abandon it ASAP

The over-glamorized era of the big city life is dying away in America as drug problems, plagues, vandalism, theft and riots become commonplace. How can Americans feel safe on the city streets if riots, mobs, and gangs continue to hurt whoever they target, destroy any property, and take whatever they want? If your city is run by corrupt, terrorist-sympathizing democrats, it’s time to get out, as soon as possible. Democratic mayors are now standing by as black lives matter mafia and Antifa thugs run through the city and take whatever they want, hurting innocent people.

Democratic-run cities are now aiding and abetting domestic terrorist groups that seek to destroy property, take out law enforcement and replace due process with mob rule. If white people do not submit to the mob rule of the black lives matter movement, they are classified as racists, with no due process, subject to physical punishment and banishment from social media outlets.

How much worse do things have to get before you get out?

As the world has witnessed in 2020, cities are also infectious-disease hot-spots, where mutated influenza viruses and antibiotic-resistant super bugs take advantage of pale, nutrient-deficient human hosts. Bio-weapons with stealthy gain-of-function properties rapidly spread in these over-crowded city spaces, allowing governors and health officials to shut down entire states and economies in order to keep conveyor-belt, inner city hospital systems churning out dead bodies without being too overrun.

The medical systems within the concrete jungles are easily overrun every year by these overcrowded malnourished pockets of people that are so vaccine-damaged and dependent on immune-suppressant drugs, they cannot escape the morbid inevitability of their lifestyle-driven underlying conditions, co-morbidities and chronic diseases. COVID-19 was the final nail-in-the coffin for many people who failed to escape the glamorous, hectic, pill-popping, fast-food, high tax, big government city life.

For those who continue to stick around, who knows how much longer you’ll have before mob rule overtakes your property and business, if your business hasn’t already been driven into bankruptcy from discriminatory shutdown orders that were pushed far too long in some states during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just a month ago, democratic governors and mayors threatened small business owners and churches with fines and arrest if they opened up. Meanwhile, these same controlling psychopaths released thousands of inmates from prison. They did this, after sending their families on lavish trips out of state while ordering all residents to shelter in place at home, be contact traced and forced into isolation at government will. Now these same democratic leaders are sympathizing with large mobs of destructive protestors who blast through the cities and tear up property and take what they want.

You’re running out of time to get out. With high housing costs and homelessness increasing in the big liberal cities, there is not a single financial incentive to stay. With taxes increasing but education failing, you have no reason to put your kids through this nightmarish system where democrats and mob rule control your life with their diseased mentality.

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