Attention smokers: Covid-19 virus seeks highly vulnerable nicotine users with respiratory weakness – is that YOU?
06/08/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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Attention smokers: Covid-19 virus seeks highly vulnerable nicotine users with respiratory weakness – is that YOU?

How does your immunity turn against you and attack? Scientists are completely dumbfounded as they watch Covid-19 “Wuhan” coronavirus as it hijacks human cells to inhibit their virus fighting genes, a pattern never seen before by top experts studying viruses for decades. Most people in America who already have compromised immune systems ate themselves right into it with processed foods. Exacerbate that hypertension and inflammation with vaccine toxins, concentrated sugar (HFCS), and GMOs, alcohol, and nicotine (1 in 4 Americans use nicotine daily)… and voila! Can you say cancer, diabetes, stroke, dementia, respiratory conditions, and heart disease without coughing? Folks, Covid-19 is smart and it’s seeking out weakened tissue and vulnerable hosts to attack and take over.

Two thirds of Americans have compromised immune systems, making them highly vulnerable to another wave of the constantly morphing Covid-19. Nicotine users around the world take heed. Also, artificial sweetener consumers around the world take caution. Plus, tap water drinkers across the globe, stop. Don’t forget, flu shot believers — be healed! No longer will you suffer from “Mad Hatter Syndrome.” Let’s help you detoxify and get that mercury out of your blood and brain, and even your cleansing organs, starting now.

These toxins compromise your immune system function, setting you up as a target for a novel virus that infects human lungs like bacteria, causing coagulation, blood clotting, and scar tissue that cuts off your oxygen supply until you die from suffocation.

Covid-19 silently replicates in the lungs like super-speed cancer, growing out of control and driving inflammation through the roof

Now the human body literally attacks itself. It’s like your brain decides to tell your hands to pick up some weapons and start attacking your body. What would you do? These cytokine storms are your body killing off your own cells and tissues, instead of the virus itself. Get it? And if you use nicotine daily, you’re saying hey, look over here, I’m weak and vulnerable. Same goes for GMO consumers. You’re eating pesticide, including weed killer, glyphosate and bug killer too. Cancer and Covid seek out and attack weak tissue.

Once under attack, inflammation kicks into hyper-mode, as if you are experiencing a bacterial infection. Since the virus demonstrates such striking ability to morph and mutate on the spot, any attempt at manufacturing a vaccine is absolutely useless, and will therefore be obsolete by the time it’s “rushed” to market at “warp speed” to “save humanity” from the Plandemic Plague of 2020. You must save yourself, since the CDC and the WHO surely want you sick, the way this is all being mismanaged.

Save yourself from the health trauma that’s attacking you now – whether that’s nicotine, processed sugar, fluoride, glyphosate or pharmaceutical poisons

Did you know that most prescription medications are toxic to your body and cause more health problems than they “manage?” It’s true. Are you just a walking pharmacy? These lab-concocted experimental drugs compromise your immune system function daily.

Understand that you need to repair and build up your immune system to ward off Covid and other lab-concocted, genetically modified viruses that Bill Gates will be releasing soon. The lack of nutrients in your body is setting you up for attack like throwing chum in the water where the sharks hang out. You can fix all of this by filtering toxins from your daily intake and supplementing with the right natural remedies.

If you use nicotine, you’re basically addicted. Just admit it, and then fix it. Nicotine is a dangerous drug that boosts your dopamine levels so you don’t feel like crap anymore after the last hits wear off. Did you know there’s a natural remedy for that?

Lowered immunity is a risk now more than ever 

In March of 2020, a twice-published author of modern day cancer prevention books launched a supplement beverage in a 2.5 ounce “shot” that contains mucuna, a natural way to boost dopamine levels without nicotine or drugs. Plus, the key supplements in this unique beverage, called Krave Kicker, have been scientifically proven safe and effective in clinical studies and peer-reviewed research published by the National Institutes of Health.

Mucuna pruriens is a tropical bean, ground up and sold in supplements and as a superfood, but most smokers who are fed up with fake quit methods (think the patch and gum here) and people who want to quit vaping their lungs to death, have never even heard of it. That’s why they’re stuck, but NOW they have knowledge to act upon. So will they?

Will they drop the “nic” crutch, fix their immune system functions and outsmart Covid? Get started fast. No sense walking when it’s past time to run. Now is the time to replace and replenish your nutrient base. Also, tune your internet dial to for updates on the coronavirus hijacking weak cells in humans. Stay informed. Stay healthy.

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