Leftist logic: You should never judge people by the color of their skin, but all WHITE people are bad
06/11/2020 / By Lance D Johnson / Comments
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Leftist logic: You should never judge people by the color of their skin, but all WHITE people are bad

George Floyd, a murdered man who was subjected to extreme police brutality, is dying a thousand deaths right now – his memory tortured over and over again because domestic terrorist groups continue to steal, destroy property, and threaten the lives of law enforcement, all in Floyd’s name. All the rage, violence, and crime that is being waged against businesses, law enforcement, and white people is being fomented by the Left’s ongoing race war. Right now, the hypocritical Left is claiming that you should never judge people by the color of their skin, but all WHITE people are bad!

Leftists want a race war, casting false guilt on one color of people

No one knows if the officer that killed Floyd was motivated by racism when he pinned his knee on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes. The real corruption and police brutality that exists within law enforcement and the criminal justice system is being overshadowed by the Left’s push for a race war, where all white people (which actually consist of many races) are guilty of privilege and supremacy and must pay reparations to people with a darker skin color. The Left is not only packaging their racism towards whites as a righteous cause, but they continue to take on a permissive tone toward all the looting, threats, abuse and destruction of property that is occurring in the name of black lives matter.

All the violence that is being waged against businesses, law enforcement, and innocent people in cities throughout the US is being justified by the Left because all white people are supposed to accept that they are racist by design. Whites are universally being told to kneel in guilt and shame, accepting that they are inherently abusive towards black lives. Many ‘black lives matter’ protestors hold up signs that say “white silence is violence” as they rail against “white privilege.” People with a light skin tone are being told that they are inherently bad if they don’t agree with the black lives matter movement and all the violence and destruction that comes along with its “protests.”

Leftists continue to foment violence towards one race while shaming WHITES into submission

Leftists are actually distracting everyone from the important discussion of police reforms and corruption in law enforcement, and are instead igniting a race war in the US and around the world. Right now the Left is telling us that police brutality disproportionately targets people with dark skin, as if the intent and motivation of white officers is unilaterally racist. The Left teaches that white people are the problem, that WHITES are systemically suppressing people with dark skin tones. Due process is being systematically denigrated, as WHITES are falsely accused of hating and oppressing people with darker skin tones. The Left is the judge, jury and executioner of racial intent and continues to accuse WHITES of unilateral racism. The Left pulls this off like sociopaths, virtue signaling that they are somehow not judging anyone by the color of their skin.

Communities around the country are hosting peaceful protests to show their support for black lives matter, while agreeing that police departments need to be de-funded and dismantled. Meanwhile, cities have seen entire police districts backing down to violent mobs, their vehicles ablaze, as the rule of law falters in the face of the rising power of a violent mob. Companies like Apple, Twitter, and WalMart have begun to virtue signal, claiming they support the black lives matter movement, but this pandering to a race war only perpetuates the problems of racism and violence towards one another.

How much shaming will people of light skin tones take? How much burning and looting will people put up with? When will people of all skin colors stand up and talk about how the black lives matter movement is actually perpetuating racism against whites and creating discord?

It’s time for all people, blind of each other’s skin tone, to come together and denounce the Left’s ongoing race war. It’s time to work together and treat all people with love and respect, while not kneeling to the Left’s white guilt crusade, which in and of itself, reeks of racism, segregation, false accusations and thought crimes.

The only way to honor the passing of George Floyd and all victims of past police brutality, regardless of skin color, is to denounce the Left’s racist crusade against whites. Only then will the root problems of police brutality and police accountability be addressed. Notwithstanding, no lives will matter if the rule of law is replaced by mob rule and if the Left continues to get away with its destructive race war.

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