Looking to move into CHAZ? Prepare to give up your rights to Antifa and Black Lives Matter
06/16/2020 / By Arsenio Toledo / Comments
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Looking to move into CHAZ? Prepare to give up your rights to Antifa and Black Lives Matter

Seattle residents living in what now is the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) have told reporters that the Antifa and Black Lives Matter are taking away people’s rights and causing a surge in crime in the area because of their “police-free zone” policies.

Shelby Talcott, a journalist working for The Daily Caller, told Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum on June 12 that people living inside CHAZ are not very happy about the way the zone is being governed.

According to Talcott, many residents in CHAZ also do not agree with Solomon “Raz” Simone appointing himself as the occupied zone’s “warlord.”

Talcott also interviewed armed CHAZ border guards who said that the rapper’s vision for CHAZ conflicts with the majority living inside the zone wants. (Related: Illinois man charged with attempting to INCITE RIOTING; Antifa hijacking peaceful protests to start riots and cause violence.)

During her appearance in Fox, Talcott shared an interview with a resident known only by the name Brandon, out of fear of retaliation from members of CHAZ. During the interview, Brandon said: “You can see for yourself, you can see that we don’t have the right to vote for stuff here anymore.”

“You can see the demands when they say that we want the pensions away from every police officer in Seattle. They took our rights away. That’s not okay. It’s not political. It’s just not okay.”

“This is stunning,” replied MacCallum. “This is a citizen in Seattle who obviously doesn’t feel safe enough to even have his face revealed to say that he just misses order in his community.”

Talcott further stated that Brandon had previously spoken out about his concerns, but he was subsequently threatened because of his comments, forcing him to back down. She added that Brandon was, like many other residents living in and near CHAZ, fearful for his personal safety, especially since rioters bang on his gates every night and gunshots can be heard throughout the evening.

“This is a residential area they have taken over, and not everyone is on board,” she added.

Listen to this episode of the Health Ranger Report, a podcast by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as he discusses how the United States can learn from the creation of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Violent crime in CHAZ unchecked

Since the Seattle Police Department (SPD) abandoned the East Precinct, which lies inside CHAZ, response times to emergency calls in the neighborhood have tripled.

SPD Chief Carmen Best told reporters on June 11 that the average police response time in the area was over 15 minutes long, which is three times longer than what it usually takes officers to respond to a call. This large time difference, Best says, could mean the difference in preventing the death of innocents from a violent crime.

She further stated that the actions of a few wayward officers do not justify depriving a whole neighborhood of the public services provided by the SPD.

Best also said that it is important for her and for her officers to be accepting of possible reforms and willing to join with their communities to create better police departments. However, she rejected any calls to abolish the SPD, stating that law enforcement is an important part of the fabric of society.

The SPD’s inability to intervene in violent crimes in and around CHAZ is already producing results. A business located just outside the zone was broken into in the early morning hours of June 15, with the suspect stealing items and trying to start a fire. While the owner was able to detain the individual and put out the fire, the police never came to his assistance.

If the SPD continues to be hindered from performing their duties in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, the number of unresolved criminal acts in the area can be expected to continue rising.

Uprising.news has more stories on the George Floyd riots sweeping the nation.

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