Watch as CHAZ “warlord” hands out AR-15s on video
06/19/2020 / By Ethan Huff / Comments
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Watch as CHAZ “warlord” hands out AR-15s on video

The infamous Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle has been cop-free for well over a week now. And rapper Solomon “Raz” Simone, the so-called “warlord” of this new socialist-anarchist society, has already been caught on tape committing what appear to be felonies by distributing AR-15 firearms out of the trunks of cars to possibly underage children.

Disturbing footage that was uploaded to Brighteon shows random strangers, some of whom may not even be 18 years old, taking the guns while a female filming it all is heard laughing in the background. At one point, this same female is heard telling these potential minors to keep the firearms they were given pointed down at the ground to avoid accidentally shooting someone.

Besides all of the looting, vandalism and other lawlessness taking place within its “borders,” the CHAZ is apparently fast becoming a hotbed of illegal firearms trading as its alleged leaders are now saying that “we need more people who know how to use firearms.” In other words, the lack of an actual police force within the CHAZ is quickly paving the way for a new “street” police force to take its place.

In the video, the “warlord” is heard asking a group of young men if any of them over the age of 18 know how to use a gun. One of them shouts out and raises his hand before being handed one of the AR-15s, though this individual is not vetted as actually being over the age of 18, and is simply assumed to be telling the truth.

Following this “transaction,” the presumably legal young man fumbles around with the AR-15 before the guy who handed it to him instructs him to “take the clip out and put it back in.” This is apparently all the firearms training that is necessary to use an AR-15 in the CHAZ.

Another young man who took one of the AR-15s is then seen walking down the street laughing and joking about how if he gets arrested the others will have to pay his bond. Everyone gets a chuckle out of this before the clip switches to another moment when the aforementioned female is heard joking with one of the young men who took an AR-15 about how “someone called you a ‘proud boy,'” referring to the Proud Boy men’s fraternity.

Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks about how the left is a hotbed of demonic evil that is continually at war with God:

Where is all this lawlessness headed?

The fact that Seattle police are showing no signs of dismantling the CHAZ any time soon suggests that these gun handouts are only the tip of the iceberg. Where it all goes from here is anyone’s guess, and the more these people are allowed to get away with doing whatever they please, the more outlandish their behavior is sure to be.

In Adams’ view, the rest of society should probably just go ahead and build a wall around the CHAZ and let those inside it fend for themselves with no help from the outside world. They would not last very long, is how he sees the situation.

“The solution to the CHAZ / CHOP ‘autonomous zone’ created by soy boy left-wing commies-in-training who think they know how to run society is simpler than you think,” Adams contends, revealing his detailed assessment of the quick demise of this fake society.

“We don’t need to send in the troops, and we don’t need to use any sort of police force,” he adds, explaining that the whole thing would collapse into a nightmarish hell were CHAZ “residents” completely cut off from the outside world.

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