When WHITE became illegal in America
06/22/2020 / By S.D. Wells / Comments
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When WHITE became illegal in America

We are all to believe that Derek Chauvin represents every white police officer in America, and this coming from a racist cop who was a registered Democrat, who was employed by a Democrat Police Chief, who Democrat voters voted into office in their Democrat controlled state that’s shielded by a Democrat controlled union. There were already 18 complaints filed against Chauvin (by mostly white folks, so they didn’t count), but he was let off the hook time and time again, by a Democrat prosecutor who just so happens to now be a Democrat Senator who goes by the name Amy “KKK” Klobuchar, failed presidential candidate. Still, the whole thing is Trump’s fault. Because he’s white and won the presidency by an electoral college landslide.

So now, being white, like Chauvin and Trump, automatically brandishes you a racist, white supremacist, elitist sinner who owes all Black people everything you own. The day the color white became illegal in America. Are you too suffering from “SWS” – Shades of White Supremacy disorder?

White soap being banned because it means you’re “clean” 

Here it comes folks. The white bans. Everything white is racist and must be recalled, destroyed and made illegal to buy, sell or wear. No more white teeth folks. Color your teeth dark or face jail time and heavy fines. No more white pasta, white rice, white bread – it’s all “elitist!” White sugar is elitist, we must be free from the tyranny and of the memories we don’t even have. All white food is banned. All foods must be black. All cereals must be black, since cream color is closer to white skin.

The color white is now illegal. Start going through your wardrobe and pulling out those racist, white nationalist threads. You must also tan or paint your skin brown. No more whitey showing off some genetic “eugenics” trait the rest of America can’t have. Black face is no longer offensive, it’s mandatory. Leave the house without black face and black teeth and you face jail time and a fine. You live in the Demoncratic States of Amerika, my friends.

All new Covid cases will be blamed on Trump’s “white supremacist” rallies until the election

Being white and going to peaceful “protests” or (Trump) rallies is white supremacists illegally spreading Covid, but being Black and going to crowded, no-mask-wearing “demonstrations” (violent, psychopathic protests) is considered peaceful by all mainstream media, and it’s politically correct. When BLM wants to be heard, they do not vote, or write letters to government officials, or get a million Blacks to sign a petition, like everyone else does.

No, when BLM wants to be heard, they go to the city with bats, bricks, fire bombs, spray paint and Antifa thugs in front of them, burning cars, looting stores, assaulting and killing whites, and all cops, including Black ones, must stand down.

Same goes for the New York City “Black Trans Lives” gathering in Brooklyn. As long as you ain’t some elitist White trans, your life matters. Get it? George Floyd is the martyr for the day white became illegal in Amerika.

Black Teeth Matter

Surrender your elitist toiletries. No more whitening toothpaste or teeth whitening trays. That’s over. No white soap bars. Get ready for brown toilet paper. Seriously. Everything white is now offensive and considered “hate mongering.” White is racist. White means slave owner. All things must not have white, just as all things from the past that have black cartoon characters or mascots must be erased from history.

No more Uncle Ben’s Rice. No more Aunt Jemima’s Pancakes. No more Count Chocula from General Mills. That’s a racist vampire wearing blackface, for God’s sake. Damn, those were good too. Thanks a lot CHAZ, or CHOP, or Guillotine Park, or whatever your name is today. Great representation of the entire Democrat platform. Just pure chaos and hate for everything non-Black. No, that’s not racist at all, because you can’t be Black and racist. By the way, using your fingers to make the “okay” sign is also illegal because BLM says it’s the symbol of white supremacy now.

Don’t hate anyone. Be kind. Be smart. Love your country. It could be a whole lot worse. Tune your non-white internet dial to Trump.news for updates on colors that are close to white being considered “shades of white supremacy” and that may be banned next, including cream, beige, eggshell, off-white, khaki, neutral beige, mint cream, ghost white, seashell, ivory, snow, and even white smoke.

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