OUTRAGE: Chick-Fil-A CEO instructs white Christians to shine black people’s shoes to show “shame” for being racist
06/25/2020 / By Lance D Johnson / Comments
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OUTRAGE: Chick-Fil-A CEO instructs white Christians to shine black people’s shoes to show “shame” for being racist

Dear white Christians: It’s time for you to feel “shame” and “embarrassment” for being white, for you are guilty of being born white, because white people are inherently racist. Not only do you white Christians owe black people an apology, but you should submit “humbly” before them, and pay reparations.

That’s the message Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy promoted recently on national television. Cathy is calling on all white Christians to kneel before people with darker skin tones, and he wants all Christians to shine the shoes of black strangers to “repent” for being “racist” white bigots.

Christians instructed to feel shame and pay reparations to Black Lives Matter

On the broadcast, Dan Cathy led by example. Brandishing one of his company’s brushes, Cathy moved toward and kneeled down in front of the show’s other guest, an African American musician named Lecrae. Then, Cathy went on to “shine” Lecrae’s shoes in an act of “repentance” for being white.

Beaming from ear to ear, Lecrae looked amused, watching Cathy brush over his shoes with exaggerated strokes. When “white guilt” Dan Cathy was through with his pathetic display of black foot worship, Lecrae laughed and said that Cathy can now give him “some stock in Chick-Fil-A.”

Cathy paused for a second to think, but quickly continued on with his diatribe about white people needing to show repentance for the “sins of racism.” He said he once bought 1500 shoe brushes for Chick-fil-A employees so they could shine black people’s shoes to show remorse for their inherent white supremacy.

According to this ideology of false guilt and racial submission, white people are to come to grips with the fact that they are inherently racist and the most supremely racist group alive today. They are not only guilty of racial sins today, but they are also guilty of racist crimes committed by their ancestors. In order to be a good Christian, whites are supposed to kneel before black people, shine their shoes, and pay them reparations.

By shining shoes, white Americans can “express shame, embarrassment, humility and contrition,” Cathy said. Pastors across the country are now joining in with Black Lives Matter protestors to confess their racial sins toward the black community.

By kneeling and feeling white shame, Cathy and other Christian leaders can feel rest assured that they “did their part” in eradicating racism from the world. Now they can focus on giving up their salaries to the black community or else face extortion from the Black Lives Matter demonstrators who are pillaging businesses and publicly shaming anyone who disagrees with them, until they get what they want. The violent mob will continue to take advantage of these Christian “suckers” who pollute Christianity with false guilt and virtue-signaling.

Who needs to repent to God, when you can just kneel before a black man and be cleansed of your racist sins?

What will Dan Cathy do when these Black Lives Matter thugs, who tear up property and attack law enforcement, are not appeased and come to his home and attack him?

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