MEDICAL POLICE STATE TYRANNY: Australian police smash down the door of a man and violently arrest him for mentioning anti-lockdown protest
09/04/2020 / By Mike Adams / Comments
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MEDICAL POLICE STATE TYRANNY: Australian police smash down the door of a man and violently arrest him for mentioning anti-lockdown protest

There’s more breaking news out of Australia, where a full-blown medical police state is now raging out of control, arresting and imprisoning people for merely linking to peaceful anti-lockdown protest events.

The latest police state tyranny event involves a man named James Bartolo, who was arrested after Victoria police smashed his front door and violently arrested him in the hallway of his home.

As LifeSiteNews reports, “James Bartolo, formerly a soldier in the Australian Army, filmed police arriving at his home in Melbourne, breaking down his door with a battering ram and arresting him on the morning of Sept. 3.”

Like Zoe Buhler, the pregnant mother arrested at home by Victoria Police officers earlier this week, Bartolo was arrested for ‘incitement’ after publicizing an anti-lockdown protest this coming weekend.

Here’s the scene that went down: video link:

“A 27-year-old male who was arrested at the address has been charged with incitement, possession of prohibited weapons and two counts of resisting police,” said a police spokeswoman. The “prohibited weapons” were Samurai swords, which are apparently illegal in Victoria, Australia, which is rapidly descending into a COVID-19 slave camp run by out-of-control lunatic tyrants seething with a desire for power over others.

Bartolo hosts the Conscious Truth Network website which explains its mission, “to expose the evil in the world and in Australia and to elevate your level of consciousness to new heights.”

He further explains on his site:

I stand for choice, freedom and elevated consciousness. Having served in the Australian army, I know first hand just how bad the system is. I vowed to do whatever it takes to change that corrupt and failed system. I have always known there was something terribly wrong with the world and from a very young age was certain I would have an impact in fixing this broken planet. My personal mission is to help wake people up and the together we can serve justice to the corrupt, twisted and sick individuals, corporations and entities who have caused such massive harm to the people of this world. After justice has been delivered, then we can focus on creating the world we are all happy to live in peacefuly together.

According to LSN, Bartolo is facing a $20,000 fine for his online post.

If you can reach Bartolo, we would like to invite him for an exclusive interview for “Brighteon Conversations.” He can contact us through Brighteon support.

Listen to my podcast on this topic, covering how Australia is being transformed into a medical police state in preparation for the pandemic death camps that are coming.


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