“Rapefugees not welcome!”: Thousands of German citizens protest migrant invasion after mass rapes
01/12/2016 / By Julie Wilson / Comments
“Rapefugees not welcome!”: Thousands of German citizens protest migrant invasion after mass rapes

The men responsible for allegedly sexually assaulting, raping and robbing scores of women during a New Year’s Eve street party in Cologne, Germany, are revealed to have been mostly asylum seekers, many of whom recently entered the country under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s new immigration policy.

The New York Times reports that 18 of the 31 individuals involved in the NYE attacks “had applied for asylum in Germany,” with the majority of them being from Syria. One of the arresting officers confirmed that the suspects were in possession of migration paperwork that’s required to be carried by asylum seekers at all times, Breitbart London revealed.(1,2)

The alleged perpetrators had “definitely only been in Germany a few days or weeks,” said the officer. “Of the persons, 14 were from Syria and one was from Afghanistan. That’s the truth, although it hurts,” he added.

Sexual assault suspects identified as asylum seekers from Syria

“I had young women weeping beside me, who wore no panties, after the crowd had spat at them. These were images that shocked me and I had to process them. Besides that, we were busy trying to protect ourselves because we were being attacked massively.”

The NYE assaults fueled an already powerful anti-Islam movement supported by thousands of German citizens who adopted the name PEGIDA or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West.

The group says they are not racist, but rather concerned with the recent influx of migrants from war-torn countries who have been indoctrinated in a culture oppressive to women.


Responding to the NYE attacks, PEGIDA supporters gathered outside a train station in Cologne last week carrying signs that read: “Rapefugees not welcome,” and “Merkel out!” reports Breitbart London.(3)

About 1,700 PEGIDA protesters, 1,3000 counter demonstrators and “800 football hooligans” attended the event, as well as 2,000 police officers.

Thousands of PEGIDA protesters speak out against Islamisation

“Things went peacefully for the most part, but a smaller number of mainly football hooligans were involved in disturbances near the end as police blocked the path of the demonstration. There was ongoing disruption from the counter demon also. Pepper spray was used and water cannon deployed against the PEGIDA marchers at around 3pm, and an unknown number of arrests were made.”

Breitbart London’s reporter Oliver Lane caught most of the action, revealing that a firework struck his photographer as the protest grew “more violent and aggressive.”

Speaking at the protest was Tommy Robinson, leader of the recently launched PEGIDA UK and former leader of the English Defense League (EDL). Calling for “European solidarity against Islam,” he shouted: “Merkel is handing out your birthright to Muslim invaders as you would throw sweets to children.”

Nearly one million refugees entered Germany in 2015

Christiane, a mother of four, addressed the rally, saying: “These women who fell victim will have to live with it for a long time. I feel like my freedom has been robbed from me…Where is your solidarity? What are women worth in this society?”

The crowd then began chanting loudly, “We are the people. Those who don’t love this country should disappear.”

Merkel has vowed to allow one million refugees into Germany, inciting frustration among citizens opposed to the recent influx of immigrants. In 2015, 950,000 asylum seekers are believed to have entered the country, with close to 200,000 of them arriving in the month of November, according to The Telegraph.(4)

The arrival of close to one million refugees has sparked concerns among Germans who fear becoming “strangers in their country.” The recent attacks on New Year’s Eve, which occurred in several German cities, as well as other regions throughout Europe, has further enraged those opposed to Merkel’s immigration policy.(5)

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