4 habits to cultivate long-term heart health
02/02/2016 / By Michael Bundrant / Comments
4 habits to cultivate long-term heart health

Heart disease is a huge problem in America, being the number one killer, with an approaching 600,000 people dying each year. [i] This makes heart disease a more likely cause of mortality than cancer.

Heart disease encompasses congestive heart failure, congenital heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart disease. [ii] Many health problems, like heart disease, can be avoided with diet and a healthy lifestyle. However, there is an important component to good health, beyond the well-known basics.

In a particular form of medicine, Applied Kinesiology[iii], there is what is referred to as the “Triad of Health”.

The foundation of this triangle is on the “structure” of the body, with the sides comprised of “chemical and mental”. It is the realm of the “mental or emotional” category that can be a largely overlooked component of heart disease.

Cardiologist Dr. Mimi Guarneri highlights the heart’s different aspects in her book The Heart Speaks.[iv]

Do these 4 things regularly for a healthier and happier heart (and life):

1. Let go! Emotions can be overwhelming, and may get bottled up. What happens when pressure adds? You will get an EXPLOSION if you don’t express your feelings! Don’t go there, by trying to release the hardships you endured. Talking or journaling is easily accessible to most of us.

Exercise is another proven outlet. Find something that works for you. (Consider Emotional Freedom Technique, otherwise known as tapping, or NLP-based stress reduction, which is simple and profound in its effects.

2. Follow your passion! Do you feel a sense of fulfillment in your life? What makes you “light up”, emotionally? Doing what you love is like spiritual food for your heart. Either in your work life, or otherwise, connect with an activity that you enjoy doing regularly.

If you love to dance, and it’s been a while, turn up the music at home on an evening after work. Don’t put off the simple pleasures that put a smile on your face.

3. Forgive and stop worrying! We all experience feelings of resentment at one point or another, to others or even ourselves. Holding on to this is toxic. We just have this moment to live, and often we are either in past or future. Realize that each person in any given moment is doing the best they can, and if you’ve been hurt, don’t keep on hurting yourself with reliving that situation for the past.

4. Do the basics! It is the basic lifestyle habits that create a compound effect that will lead you either to health, or away from it. Don’t use tobacco, eat plenty of vegetables, eat fruit for dessert, and exercise.



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