U.S. communities becoming overrun with criminal aliens and terrorists: It’s time to protect yourself and your family
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U.S. communities becoming overrun with criminal aliens and terrorists: It’s time to protect yourself and your family

(Bugout.news) The Obama administration’s efforts to bring in more un-vetted refugees from the war-torn Middle East, as well as its neglect to provide adequate security along the U.S. Southwest border and its tolerance of so-called “sanctuary cities,” means that an increasing number of American communities are being overrun by criminal aliens who are becoming more emboldened.

As reported by WND.com, one woman formerly of Amarilla, Texas, who attended a recent town hall meeting in Missoula, Mont., warned residents of what would happen if the Obama administration’s plan to relocate Syrian refugees there actually happens.

“Amarillo is overrun with refugees,” said Karen Sherman, talking to a crowd that braved cold winds and blowing snow. She just moved to Missoula, home to the University of Montana, from the Lone Star state.

“Our city is failing because of the refugees. We have 22 different languages spoken in our schools. We’ve got 42 languages being fielded by our 9-1-1 call centers, and crime is just through the roof. We need to exercise caution, especially for the sake of our children,” she added, as reported by WND.

The new Montana resident further stated that Amarillo, which has about 200,000 people, is rife with gang violence that surpasses much larger Texas cities like Fort Worth. And she said she fears that American cities could become much more dangerous – like cities in Europe where mass rape and sexual assault by mostly Muslim men have garnered attention throughout the continent.

It’s no secret that life in America is getting more dangerous. The murder of American citizens by criminal aliens in our own cities; the infestation of radical Islamic jihadists like those in San Bernardino, Calif., who killed 14 in November; the proliferation of foreign gangs like MS-13 – all present special, rising dangers to our citizenry. And we have a central government and administration that is doing little about it other than actively encouraging more chaos.


With these facts in mind, it has become patently obvious that Americans must do more to protect themselves, as a rising number of local law enforcement officials are advising. Primarily, that means arming yourself.

Whether that means a firearm (consult your local gun laws first!) or pepper spray, or a baseball bat or a knife, that is a personal decision. But it has become apparent that the powers that be – the governing elite in Washington – are not concerned about your welfare. They have political aims and goals that supersede their duty to protect the country from those who would harm it.

So, when there is a security void in your life, the best person to fill it is you.

One final note: Whichever method of personal protection you choose, make sure you take the time to practice and hone your skills, and that is especially true if you choose a firearm. Lives are at stake, and that includes innocent lives, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t take one accidentally and have to live with that.

The world is getting more dangerous, of that there is no question. The United States once was largely insulated from those dangers, first separated by oceans, then by technology, then by the political will to do what’s right, first and foremost, for the people. Those three levels of insulation no longer exist. For that reason alone, we are now most responsible for our own safety. The time to step up is now.

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