Mentally ill man now living out fantasy as 7-year-old girl’s ‘little sister,’ after abandoning his wife and children
02/19/2016 / By Jonathan Benson / Comments
Mentally ill man now living out fantasy as 7-year-old girl’s ‘little sister,’ after abandoning his wife and children

It’s one thing to make a personal choice to live as someone else, assuming you don’t have other responsibilities or obligations with which “being your true self” might interfere. But abandoning your entire family in order to not only change genders but also your age is another thing entirely.

This is what “Stefonknee Wolscht,” a transgender father-of-seven from Canada, did recently after “discovering” that he’s not actually an adult man, but rather a six-year-old little girl. Born as Paul, 52-year-old Stefonknee says he realized by about age 46 that he’s not actually a “he,” but rather a “she,” and a much younger “she,” at that.

It’s a bizarre case of mental derangement that the LGBT community seems to be embracing as honorable, hence the story’s feature spot in an emotionally-charged video montage put out by The Daily Xtra in collaboration with The Transgender Project.

According to the Evening Standard, Wolscht believes he had no choice but to leave his wife and family and become a little girl. Continuing to live as a man, he says, would be like “trying to stop being 6ft 2.”

Since coming out as a female child, Wolscht has been adopted by a family with their own actual little girl, who treats him like a sister. The girl’s parents are also accepting of Wolscht, who was given an ultimatum by his former wife to either cut the charade or leave.

“I was never allowed to be a little girl, so I’m filling that tank with little girl experiences,” Wolscht told the media, adding that his adoptive family is “totally comfortable” with his newfound identity.


“It’s liberated me from the hurt because if I’m six years old I don’t have to think about adult stuff.”

A case of gender realignment or mental derangement?

Wolscht’s story reads like it comes straight out of a mental asylum, complete with pictures of the adult man dressed as a caricatured young girl, sucking pacifiers, holding large dolls and showing off pigtails. And yet, rather than offering this man help, or explaining to the public that such behavior is not normal, the LGBT crowd seems to be endorsing Wolscht’s errant behavior.

The issue isn’t so much about Wolscht not being accepted for who he claims he truly is, but rather the fact that he left seven of his own offspring and wife in the dust so he could live out some fantasy desire he had to be a female child.

Besides the irresponsibility of such a decision, it is both selfish and unhinged for a grown man to abandon those entrusted to his care so he can pretend to be something he’s not. This man needs help, in other words, not adoration.

“I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children,” Wolscht admits, as reported by The Daily Mail. “But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child. I don’t want to be an adult right now.”

This statement alone – moving “forward” by going “back” – is utter lunacy in and of itself. If every adult decided one day to move forward by going back to being a child, society would collapse in a day.

“There is transgender, and there are people with sexual fantasies. This is the latter,” wrote one commenter at The Daily Mail, pointing out the absurdity of allowing a 52-year-old man who dresses as a little girl to interact with actual little girls as if he was one.

“Sounds like some kind of dire, long-running nervous breakdown that has not been treated,” added another commenter. “Has political correctness totally eliminated common sense?”

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