Big Pharma and the mainstream media connive to undermine the benefits of multivitamins in the name of pharma interests
02/29/2016 / By Tara Paras / Comments
Big Pharma and the mainstream media connive to undermine the benefits of multivitamins in the name of pharma interests

Following the publication of the Annals of Internal Medicine’s editorial undermining the benefits of multivitamins, mainstream media outlets immediately jumped at the opportunity to create further furor against multivitamins by releasing headlines such as: “Case Closed: Multivitamins Should Not Be Used” (Forbes) and “New studies dispel multivitamin myths” (NBC).

What most people don’t know, however, is that Annals is a pro-pharma publication almost entirely funded by pharmaceuticals which compete with multivitamins. In fact, as narrated by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, upon opening a page on, he was immediately greeted with a pop-up advertisement trying to hawk a pharmaceutical drug.

The difference between pharmaceuticals and multivitamins

What the media doesn’t report, of course, is that if pharmaceuticals were subjected to the same basic questions covered in the aforementioned study — do multivitamins enhance cognitive function? Do they prevent heart disease? — the results would prove to be disastrous. They not only don’t work — they also could kill you in the process.

Now, why isn’t the mainstream media reporting anything about this?

Unfortunately, a long-standing double standard exists in the medical industry. Scrutiny is reserved solely for nutritional supplements, while quack medicine, junk science and pro-pharma propaganda, despite lacking proof of their effectiveness, remain untouched. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever, for instance, that chemotherapy prevents the progression of cancer or that statins enhance lifespan. There is no evidence whatsoever that ADHD drugs create healthy children or that antidepressants cure depression. Yet, all these drugs continue to be heavily pushed onto the unwitting masses by certain medical journals and the mainstream media.


Studies were contrived by using synthetic vitamins

To make sure these multivitamin studies show undesirable results, proponents of the study make sure their materials are based on cheap, low-grade, synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals. Not coincidentally, these brands of low-grade multivitamins are actually manufactured by companies owned by pharmaceutical interests. Since these companies have a financial incentive to make multivitamins look bad, they intentionally make their multivitamin formulations subpar.

The vitamin E studied in this science review, for example, was synthetic, isolated vitamin E which already has a long history of being toxic for human consumption. The researchers never looked at full-spectrum vitamin E, including the tocopherols, nor did they bother to study a food concentrate form of vitamin E (because it would have been amazingly beneficial to heart health).

Beta carotene was also studied as a synthetic chemical in isolation, not as a food-sourced nutrient like what you might find in carrots or squash. So what these studies really prove is only that synthetic chemical vitamins are toxic to human health.

Guess who makes all these synthetic chemical vitamins? Companies like Bayer and BASF, the same companies that also manufacture raw materials for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The motivation of drug-pushing journals and companies

The Annals of Internal Medicine and the scientists behind this extremely deceptive junk science all share the same intention: They want people to rely on drugs, not multivitamins.

Their job is to discredit multivitamins while brainwashing consumers into believing that drugs are somehow “vital nutrients” that they need to survive.

You see, from Big Pharma’s point-of-view, the population can never be sufficiently medicated. Drug companies must find new ways to convince people they need more drugs even when they aren’t sick in the first place. The way to accomplish this is to position medications as essential nutrients.

In a nutshell, for Big Pharma and their associates: Nutrition is bad, organic food is bad and herbs are bad. What’s good? Vaccines, GMOs, medications and chemotherapy. To these quacks, everyone in America should stop consuming good nutrition and start popping more medications and lining up for vaccine injections.

Don’t be brainwashed by the tactics of Big Pharma — be smart enough to educate yourself about what’s really good for your health. Visit to learn more about natural remedies, little-known health facts and more breaking news about nutrition.

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