Fraud continues to run rampant in the vaccine industry, as officials turn a blind eye on Big Pharma’s criminal activities
03/07/2016 / By Tara Paras / Comments
Fraud continues to run rampant in the vaccine industry, as officials turn a blind eye on Big Pharma’s criminal activities

Despite numerous claims to the contrary (most, if not all, of them coming from Big Pharma and its “associates”), the truth is, most vaccines don’t work. And, in order to make them appear to work, researchers routinely spike blood samples of vaccinated test subjects with antibodies, making it appear that the vaccine caused the body to produce those antibodies.

According to Merck’s former virologists, this is exactly what the pharmaceutical giant does with MMR vaccines. Now, a National Institutes of Health-funded vaccine scientist who was celebrated as achieving a breakthrough vaccine against HIV has confessed to spiking the test subject blood samples with antibodies.

Dong-Pyou Han had taken $5 million in NIH grant money to further his “research” at Iowa State University. The mainstream media and vaccine advocates praised his research as a groundbreaking advancement in the search for an AIDS vaccine. Unfortunately, however, it turns out that this “game-changing” discovery is nothing but an outrageous, taxpayer money-wasting science fraud.

Han now faces four felony counts, each of which carries a maximum prison sentence of five years.

“It’s an important case because it is extremely rare for scientists found to have committed fraud to be held accountable by the actual criminal justice system,” said Retraction Watch co-founder Ivan Oransky in an Associated Press article.

How many more vaccine fraud cases are there?

If medical and scientific fraud cases are so rampant, why aren’t more fraudulent vaccine researchers charged with felonies? For instance, GlaxoSmithKline openly admitted to committing multiple felony crimes in the routine bribing of doctors but is still allowed to conduct business with the government.


Thanks to backing from powerful entities (hello, U.S. Congress), corporations can freely distribute defectively manufactured vaccines that actually kill people with zero liability on their end. This is true even when vaccines have been found to contain tiny shards of glass, high levels of toxic mercury, a brain-damaging heavy metal, or even live viruses that literally infect people with the very disease the vaccine claims to prevent.

In the United States, a vaccine manufacturer could spike their vaccines with motor oil, cancer viruses, live bacteria, hexavalent chromium, Agent Orange or any other chemical they wanted, and the manufacturer would still have total immunity from all lawsuits. Because of this immunity, vaccine manufacturing has zero quality control pressure in the real world, because vaccine manufacturers are not liable for defective products. So what’s the difference if a few batches a year accidentally contain SV40 cancer viruses, or shards of glass or too much mercury?

Vaccine and drug researchers who commit fraud are also routinely given a slap on the wrist rather than charged with felony crimes. For instance, psychiatric doctor Charles Nemeroff, who once held a chairmanship position at Emory University, was still able to keep his job even after being caught secretly taking $800,000 from GlaxoSmithKline. According to The Wall Street Journal, 14 other Emory University doctors also received money from the Depression and Anxiety journal to write articles about Effector. Surely, Emory isn’t alone in this business.

With all the evidence incriminating Big Pharma and its puppets, why hasn’t anyone taken concrete action to shut down and end all these illegal activities? Is the government too afraid? Are we? While these corporations and individuals may think they have the power over us, the fact is, we make our own decisions. By taking the initiative to stay informed, we can, at least know what toxins to avoid and where to take our stand.

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