What your doctor’s not telling you: Sunlight can heal cancer!
03/10/2016 / By Tara Paras / Comments
What your doctor’s not telling you: Sunlight can heal cancer!

For years, “health experts” have been advising us to avoid too much sun exposure, due supposedly to its cancer-causing properties. Truth is, however, this advice is just one big lie perpetuated by so-called medical professionals. How many of you know that, at present, there really is no definitive proof that the sun alone causes skin cancer?

Can the sun cure cancer?

In the book The Healing Sun, author Dr. Richard Hobday documents studies which show that in addition to being a rich source of Vitamin D, the sun also protects against different types of cancer, including cancer of the breast, colon, ovaries and prostate. It’s mentioned that the sun can also prevent diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and high blood pressure, osteoporosis, psoriasis and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Then, we have the case of Dr. Harland G. Call, who was previously diagnosed with skin cancer, and who chose to turn to the sun, instead of harmful chemotherapy, to heal his illness. After a short period of continuous sunbathing, his cancer was completely gone. His doctor then confirmed that the skin cancer had indeed disappeared and that no surgery was further required.

Despite this very real and very concrete example in the person of Dr. Call, we’re still bombarded with a constant stream of “warnings” from reputable “authorities” admonishing us to avoid the sun at all costs.

The sunphobia epidemic is spreading

Dr. Robin Ashinoff, chief of dermatological and cosmetic surgery at Hackensack University Medical Center, for instance advised: “Wearing sunscreen and then deliberately going out in the sun is almost as [bad] as going out with no sunscreen at all.”


She continued, “You don’t get burned, but the UV rays are still getting into your skin. Sunscreen is important, but you should also wear the right clothing and shield yourself as much as possible from direct sun exposure.”

What kind of lifestyle does she want us to have? The reality is, a vast majority of people, including doctors, have been duped into believing the myth that the sun is toxic, carcinogenic and a deadly health hazard.

Meanwhile, as people continue to slather “protective” lotions and sprays onto their skin, the multi-billion-dollar cancer industry and the billion-dollar toxic sunscreen industry continue to rejoice. True believers are left scratching their heads as statistics reveal that the dreaded malignant melanoma skin cancer is on the rise.

Heliotherapy and the sun doctor

If you’re interested to learn more about the benefits of sunlight, you might want to try sunlight therapy or heliotherapy, a treatment pioneered by Swiss doctor Auguste Rollier. Rollier, also known as the “Sun Doctor,” opened the first European “Sun Clinic” in 1903 at Leysin, Switzerland. He also wrote a very influential book on the topic, aptly titled Heliotherapy.

At his peak, he operated 36 clinics and is considered to be the most famous heliotherapist in the world. Dr. Rollier exsposed that the sun was an unsurpassed broad-spectrum medicine. He healed his patients using a wholesome diet, combined with the power of the sun.

By 1933, there were over 165 different diseases successfully treated with heliotherapy, including tuberculosis, wounds and rickets. Dr. Rollier’s death in 1954 marked the end of sun therapy not because it was ineffective, but because Big Pharma took over, thanks to its “miracle drugs” and million-dollar marketing scams.

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