Everything you eat, drink, smoke, or put on your skin that’s not natural does your body harm
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Everything you eat, drink, smoke, or put on your skin that’s not natural does your body harm

It’s time to turn this whole health thing about face! If you try to detoxify your body from harmful chemicals, synthetic foods, heavy metal toxins, and so on, but you just ate gluten with the last 5 meals, you may be waiting quite a while for some results, especially the ones you can feel.

That’s really what it’s all about, how we feel. If you want to get anything done, and done right, you want to feel well during the effort, and when you’re done too, so you can enjoy and appreciate the results. That could mean a good pay check, great health, good times traveling or shopping, or simply peace of mind and relaxation.

If you want to quit smoking cigarettes, the best plan is to quit sugar, gluten, and hydrogenated oils first, for a week, and then think about the best plan for detoxifying your system. You gotta start with some greens, some spring water, and some fresh, raw organic vegetables, and then get to the big task in a week or so. Then again, how big of a task will it really be to QUIT SMOKING FOR GOOD when you are already feeling better? You may not want cigarettes any more, in fact, you’re going to DESPISE THEM when we’re done with you. It’s time to cut the habit by killing the urge. Here we go.

Replace and Replenish! Replace and Replenish!

We’ll say it over and over until it’s grinded into your brain like carving words into rock. You pull all your staple foods, drinks and personal care products that have toxins in them, one by one, from your shelves and counters and cabinets and the freezer and the fridge and your purse and the car, and you toss them out or give them away. Smile while you do it. It’s instant satisfaction like you’ve never felt before. It’s physical and mental. Snap to it! Do that first, then go to a couple stores, and you don’t have to break your wallet or empty your purse for these trips. Just buy for 3 days or so, then you’ll go back out with new ideas and creative REPLACEMENTS for your toxins that do NOT contain toxins. One by one by one, you replace and replenish with healthy items. It’s that simple.


You replace sugar with stevia sweet leaf (powder or tincture). You replace hydrogenated oils with organic coconut oil. You replace gluten with salads. You replace your toxic deodorant and antiperspirant (corporate made crap) with natural, organic products. If you can’t eat the ingredients as food, don’t put the stuff on your skin, hair, nails, face, anywhere!

Go on line, find some recipes for meals you love and REPLACE AND REPLENISH with healthy choices that are local or organic ingredients, and make a few new dishes. You can do it. Here are some recipe ideas right here:


Next, after two cycles of your 3 day stints with no chemicals in your body, especially no gluten, your system will have flushed the majority of chemicals that you consumed. Now on to the biggest and BEST PART of detoxification–quitting cigarettes.

Sure, your liver, kidneys, pancreas, bladder, colon and lungs are screaming for help. We got your back! There are a lot of detox programs and products and SCAMS out there, so you gotta watch out here. This is important. All you have to do is quit smoking. Your body is a machine and will repair itself with the right foods, and we’ve already got that covered. Ideal health is ALL ABOUT getting ideal vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs, so now your mainly raw, organic, whole food regimen takes care of business for you. The KEY to quitting smoking, without medication, without gimmicks, without having to psyche yourself out of the hook, without patches, pills, or nicotine at all, is to REPLACE AND REPLENISH your natural dopamine levels in your body.

Yeah, we know, you’re asking out loud right now, “How do you do THAT?”

mucuna (3)


Mucuna, also known as Velvet Bean, is capturing the interest of thousands of smokers who have the desire and the will to quit cigarettes, but can’t handle the first couple of weeks of rollercoaster-like mood swings and basic withdrawal symptoms. The L-Dopa content of the unprocessed Mucuna bean powder is so powerful that doctors are also using it help Parkinson’s patients restore mental clarity, and as a mood elevator. (//www.secrets-of-longevity-in-humans.com/mucuna-pruriens.html) A new study reveals Mucuna just might be that “missing rung” in the ladder that leads to great health for thousands more soon-to-be ex-smokers. The Mucuna extract contains a significant amount of naturally occurring L-dopa, an amino acid which converts into dopamine. Most commonly sold in powder form, this “herbal” remedy can be found all over the internet, and the 60 percent concentration can be found in vegetarian capsules that are high quality. (//herbal-powers.com/mupr120ca10o1.html) This wondrous Ayervetic Indian herb is known by many names, including sea beans, buffalo beans, Dopabean, Pruriens, Cowitch, Kapikachu and Atmagupta. The main medicinal benefits come from the seeds, but the pod and the roots can also be used. The velvety beans are actually drift seeds, meaning they can float away on ocean currents and re-plant themselves all over the world.

Research shows L-Dopa provides a wide variety of health benefits. All non-smokers should peruse these benefits as well: • Regeneration of organs (heart, kidneys, liver, lungs) • Dramatically strengthen immune system • Improved sleep • Reduced body fat and cellulite • Improved skin appearance • Increased mood and sense of well being • Increased bone density (very necessary after toxin overload from cigarettes)

The Smoking Scam Defeated

Marlboro is “Marlboro,” the number one selling premium brand cigarette in the world, because of the highest potency rating of their “custom made” nicotine delivery device. Make no mistake about it. The other KINGS of the industry are all in on the evil trick also, including Winston, Lucky Strike, Kool, Parliament, Pall Mall, Camel, Newport, and of course, the Menthols. (//www.the-top-tens.com/lists/top-ten-cigarette-brands.asp) The scam to hook smokers by using ammonia to strengthen the nicotine addiction WORKS, and the 4,000 plus chemicals in commercial cigarettes are no joke, leading the smoker right off the cliff, where they feel like their only way out of feeling awful is to light up. The U.S., Japan, and China alone make up over 75% of the world’s smokers. (//articles.chicagotribune.com) Now, along comes Mucuna, the most essential element of the escape. This inexpensive natural herb is easily assimilated by the body and the effects show up within days. Mucuna’s L-Dopa can improve circulation, energy, youthful skin, and general enthusiasm for life. What more could a smoker ask for, after just bombarding their body with pesticide, ammonia and bleach?

The most essential element of the escape

One all natural method to quitting cigarettes incorporates Mucuna into the nutritional “phase” of cessation, which, according to the program 14AndOut, is the third and final phase. (//premium.naturalnews.tv/14AndOut__TV.htm) New research shows that smokers are using Mucuna to “replace and replenish” dopamine levels during the first few weeks of cessation which kills the urge to smoke, and in turns ends the habit in 14 days or fewer.

The research shows that Mucuna works for quitting cold turkey and for weaning, but that best results come from weaning the smoker off nicotine over a 14 day period. This completely natural, legal, and results-proving substitute for nicotine is ending the cravings of ex-smokers so they never go “back to the well” to satisfy the old chemically-induced “nic fit.” Mucuna is the kryptonite of Big Tobacco’s “super” scam. Once smokers understand the specific chemicals in commercial cigarettes which drive them down and essentially create the need for dopamine, they have completed phase I of 14AndOut.

In phase II, the smoker learns how to substitute good behaviors for the previous health-damaging ones, such as breathing patterns and “hand to mouth” habits. Lastly, the program educates smokers about nutrition and how diseases cannot survive in an “alkalized system.” This is when the smoker shifts his/her diet, reducing the acid heavy system, which is all part of the hook of smoking. //www.naturalnews.com/037232_Mucuna_cigarette_cravings_kick_the_habit.html#ixzz42VnS5HcB


 14 logo

This is your cigarette escape plan.

Don’t let anyone steal it from you or convince you otherwise.

This is a natural plan.

No meds, no side effects, no crazy withdrawals. To preview the secrets of the natural program, watch the free trailer presented by the Health Ranger himself, Mike Adams, Editor and Founder of NaturalNews.com. 14AndOut–Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!


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