Advanced breast cancer and cannabis oil
03/14/2016 / By Claire Rankin / Comments
Advanced breast cancer and cannabis oil

cannabis oil

When breast cancer mestastisizes, it generally spreads to the lungs, liver, bones, lymph glands and brain. Breast cancer patients are usually told they have between two to five years to live after diagnosis. Treatment is geared to pro-longing life, not curing the cancer. Oncologists are known to be brutally honest when asked by their patients how long they can expect to live. They don’t offer much hope, in fact, patients are often told that the medicine prescribed may work for some time, then stop. At that point, the medication will be changed to a different hormone medication or it will be time for more chemotherapy. How can cannabis oil help in such cases?

Being diagnosed with breast cancer (or any other cancer for that matter) is devastating news and such a shock to the system that it can often worsen symptoms. At the same time, it can be seen as a wake-up call and an opportunity to take control of one’s life. Many women in such a situation report that, for the first time in years, they started putting themselves first, eliminating the negatives from their lives such as a poisonous relationship, they changed their life-style, reduced stress etc.

However, nothing can prepare a woman (or man) for the shock of learning that the breast cancer has recurred and has now spread to other parts of the body, a condition that occurs regularly. Not only is the shock of diagnosis felt all over again, but it’s worse because, as many women will testify, it’s like receiving a death sentence.

Evidence that cannabis oil cures breast cancer


Unfortunately, the evidence is all anecdotal. Scientific evidence that cannabis oil cures fourth stage breast cancer is simply not available. Anecdotal evidence abounds, however, and while it is foolish to believe everything one hears or reads, at the same time, this kind of evidence cannot be discounted.

Medical experts will often refer to cancer that seems to have disappeared by itself a “spontaneous remission.” According to Noetic Science “The term ‘spontaneous’ as it relates to remission or regression is used when a patient shows a significantly measurable reduction in tumor size, or a reversal in the progression of a disease, and when this improvement cannot be attributed to Western allopathic medical treatment.”

Nothing great that is achieved in life is “spontaneous.” Those who have a good marriage will testify that they have put a lot of effort into making it work, those who have lost a huge amount of body fat would be insulted if someone implied that all their self-control, lifestyle changes and exercise resulted in a great shape “spontaneously.” So it is with a “spontaneous remission.”  Taking control of a situation as serious as fourth stage breast cancer takes enormous courage, hard work, commitment and change.

Many women have done just that and report that in addition to a superfood diet, exercise, reduction of alcohol and stress, they have taken medical marijuana, or cannabis oil. The internet abounds with anecdotal evidence that cannabis has cured late stage breast cancer. Each woman has to decide for herself whether to take it or not, but cannabis certainly looks very promising. If nothing else, there is no doubt that it helps with pain relief and insomnia, enabling cancer patients to enjoy a better quality of life.


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