Leftists outraged as European pools restrict migrants amid reports of rape, assault and public defecation
04/22/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Leftists outraged as European pools restrict migrants amid reports of rape, assault and public defecation

The Middle East-centric “migrant problem” in Europe continues to get worse, and there doesn’t seem to be enough political will – yet – to do much about it. As such, local governments and countries alike are being forced to react to situations as they arise; should the response be termed negative by political Leftists in each of these countries, the policies are attacked as insensitive and bigoted, no matter how bad the behavior by migrants themselves.

Recent migrant-related stories have focused on increased criminal activity – mostly in the form of sexual assaults directed at women and theft of men – in Germany, Switzerland and Sweden, but this story comes from Austria, where a swimming bath that recently banned “refugees” from bathing without the accompaniment of their social workers has just caved in to political correctness following three days of harassment.

As noted by Breitbart News, new rules of admission at the city baths in Mödling, Austria were reported by a local Lower Austria news service of state broadcaster ORF days ago, with a copy of the new rules posed to the front of the swimming pool. The bath had announced that, “due to repeated complaints both by bathers and our own staff,” individuals who have an “immigration background” would only be permitted to swim/bath if they were accompanied by proper escorts and had their identification paperwork on them.

Suicide of a continent

Breitbart News noted further:

Prompting the ban was bad behavior at the pool including invasions of the women’s changing rooms, abusing staff, swimming in the baths while wearing outdoor clothes, and attempting to steal money from voluntary boxes. The troublemakers are reported to be part of a 180 strong migrant housing project nearby, and are thought to have been Afghan ‘refugees’.

Cue the faux outrage of the politically correct Marxist Left, whose adherents promptly assailed the new rules. Some took to social media (where they remained largely anonymous) to ask wholly inappropriate questions like, “Am I Aryan enough for the city bath?” Twitter, as usual, was a-flutter with criticism and outward displays of hatred towards swimming pool management, which some local media described as a “s**tstorm.”

In an attempt to draw comparisons to Nazi Germany’s Third Reich (Adolph Hitler was actually Austrian), some Twitter campaigners asked how many generations of Austrian citizenship it took to be eligible to swim at the public bath.

Chances are good, of course, that none of these champions of immigrant rights and excusers of bad migrant behavior were actually victimized by that behavior, but what does a little context matter when you’re trying to be a warrior for social justice, even at the expense of your own people?

‘Masturbating at a three-year-old’

The improper behavior at public baths/swimming pools by refugees was not limited to Austria, however. As Breitbart London reported earlier, similar behavior by Middle East migrants was directed towards German bathers. There, a similar swimming ban was lifted after just 24 hours of Left-wing extremism, despite the fact that four children had been molested at the Bornheim, Germany, pool.

“While the Mödling pool moved to ban migrants from their waters before behavior turned violent, other baths have been less fortunate, with rapes of children, massive harassment of women, and defecation into water reported across Austria and Germany this year,” Breitbart London reported, adding that at “another Austrian pool in Linz where a horrified mother discovered migrant men masturbating at her three year old son.”

But no worries – nothing to see here. Any mention of this outrageous behavior or any attempt to actually protect the European public that have been put at risk by their own Left-wing radical governments – officials who, by the way, don’t have to worry about masturbating migrants sexually assaulting their kids or their women – will earn you the ire of people who, quite frankly, have lost their minds to PC.

The world is witnessing the slow, steady suicide of a continent.


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