The FDA regularly fast tracks toxic foods, medicine and products for consumption… Has the agency become completely unnecessary?
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The FDA regularly fast tracks toxic foods, medicine and products for consumption… Has the agency become completely unnecessary?

What does the FDA stand for? Federal Death Administration? Perhaps the Federal (pre-approved) Drug Agency? Consider Vioxx, approved by the FDA in 1999 as an anti-inflammatory and painkiller drug.  It was taken off the market in 2004 by it’s maker Merck, after 38,000 deaths. Drug watch reports:

” … Some have called [Vioxx] the worst drug disaster in history. The Vioxx scandal wasn’t just devastating to the injured patients and their families; it also underscored problems within the FDA. Many suspect that the New Jersey-based Merck and the FDA worked together to keep the drug on the market and quiet the health concerns.”

Dr. David Brownstein, a Board-certified family physician and holistic medicine practitioner is very clear about the FDA’s true interests. Dr. Brownstein’s blog reports:

“Folks, the FDA does not work for us. It works for Big Pharma… If the FDA was working for us, the citizens, it would not wait 19 years to ban [powder on surgical gloves] that has been proven to be harmful. Nor would it allow the second most toxic chemical known to mankind — mercury — in any vaccine. For that matter, it would not allow neurotoxins such as aluminum and MSG in vaccines as well.”

What does FDA approved really mean? A cozy relationship with food and drug manufacturers

As reported by

“One study found that from 1938 to 2014 the FDA approved only a fraction of the drugs submitted. More important, many approvals were given to but a few companies, namely, Merck, Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, and Pfizer… it effectively grants a government-protected monopoly to those companies…”


The current FDA commissioner, Robert Califf, led highly criticized clinical trials on Xarelto

“Before joining the FDA, Califf was vice chancellor of clinical research at Duke University. He founded and led the Duke Institute for Clinical Research, which has become a major contractor to the pharmaceutical industry.

“… Califf said his institution was paid by Johnson & Johnson, the maker of the drug, to conduct the Xarelto study. He was introduced as “co-principal investigator” of the clinical trial, helped deliver the drug maker’s presentation, and made a case for Xarelto’s approval.

“… The FDA approved Xarelto in 2011 over the objections of the primary FDA scientists assigned to study its safety and effectiveness. The report by the reviewers argued that patients could be “at greater risk of harm from stroke and/or bleeding” if they took Xarelto than if they were treated skillfully with warfarin, a blood thinner that has been on the market since the 1950s.”

GMOs were approved with no clinical trials and over the objections of FDA scientists, in obedience to Monsanto’s political clout

One of the more egregious failed FDA decisions, was the “approval” of genetically modified food in 1992. Although FDA scientists did speak out about the potential for unknown diseases, toxins and allergies that could result from this new biotechnology application, the desire for economic stimulus in the Reagan administration and the influence of Monsanto took over. They decided that GMOs in food were “substantially equivalent” to non GMO food, without testing or trials. Attorney and author Steven Drucker, who sued the FDA and went through thousands of their internal documents, has been outspoken about the fraud. National Geographic reports:

“It was reported to be science-based, but scholars who studied it concluded it was not science based. It was framed and motivated by economic and political considerations. The FDA broke that law and lied about the facts in order to get GMOs on the market.”

An “FDA approved” label means nothing. Heal yourself without toxic drugs. Let food be your medicine.

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