Can eating and juicing raw marijuana make you high?
05/10/2016 / By Claire Rankin / Comments
Can eating and juicing raw marijuana make you high?

More and more people are turning to marijuana for illnesses, pain relief and insomnia. Mostly, medical marijuana is processed and made into an oil, which has psychoactive properties if it is high in THC and this is the same when consuming processed cannabis edibles. Many find that raw and juiced marijuana has amazing health benefits. Exactly how much raw cannabis will it take to get you stoned?

That there are plenty of health benefits from eating or juicing raw cannabis is a fact that is virtually undisputed. Many people who consume raw cannabis do so purely for the health benefits associated with the plant and are not interested in the unwanted side effects such as the highs and the befuddled, sleepy state that users often find themselves in.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the ingredient in marijuana that produces the high. Marijuana must be heated in order to produce THC, which in turn produces the high that those smoking or vaping are after.

When you consume raw cannabis, that is cannabis which has not been heated, you are consuming the cannabinoid acids, which are potent compounds that help regulate the endocannabinoid system in ways not fully explored or understood. Drinking freshly squeezed cannabis juice or by adding raw cannabis to a salad is becoming a popular way of consuming the plant to profit from its health benefits. By simply eating or juicing raw cannabis in its natural state, one would have to consume an enormous quantity in order to get high, depending on the strain you are using.

Almost all marijuana strains cultivated today apparently contain large amounts of THCA, which when heated, provides THC. When you juice properly, you consume almost no THC which is why you won’t receive any psychoactive effects. Juicing improperly may lead to heating the solution and causing THC to form.

Raw cannabis activates the brain’s cannabinoid system, which triggers an antioxidant release. These antioxidants act as a cleanser and remove damaged cells from the body. Raw cannabis is also said to improve the efficiency of the cells in the human body.

If you are going to juice raw cannabis or add the leaves to a salad, buy fresh, organic and pesticide-free plants, or better still, grow some yourself so you know that your batch will be pesticide free.





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