BREAKING: FBI Makes MASSIVE Move Against Hillary Clinton
05/13/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
BREAKING: FBI Makes MASSIVE Move Against Hillary Clinton

Many political observers never though it would come to this, but the long arm of the law is about to reach out – finally – for Hillary Clinton, and honestly, if it comes to pass, it is long overdue.

Various reports at the close of last week noted that the FBI may be set to interview Clinton as part of the bureau’s ongoing investigation into whether or not any emails she sent and received on her own unsecured personal server – one that she parked in her own home in New York state – were classified and if so, to what extent such mishandling of said materials constitute a violation of federal statutes.

As Reuters noted, any interview of Clinton will come after previous interviews with some of her closest aides and confidants, including Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. The news wire reported further:

The nine-month investigation into whether laws were broken as a result of the server kept in her New York home has overshadowed Clinton’s campaign to become the Democratic Party’s candidate in November’s presidential election. 

With only a few states left to vote in primary elections, she retains a commanding lead over her rival, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

At least Sanders, despite being a self-avowed socialist, isn’t under investigation and is in no danger of being indicted anytime soon (that we know of). That fact alone will keep scores of his supporters home on Election Day.

As for Clinton, many have waiting for the FBI – which no doubt is under tremendous political pressure from several corners, including the White House, most likely, and the Attorney General’s office – to call Clinton in for questioning, given what has been reported thus far about the classified nature of hundreds of emails.

Indeed, more than 2,000 emails that were sent and received by Clinton while working as President Obama’s top diplomat included classified information. And nearly two dozen of those emails contained information so highly classified and were so compartmentalized they could not be released publicly, Fox News reported exclusively in March.

For her part Clinton’s excuses have remained the same: First, that she did not send any classified information via her private server; and, when it was discovered that was a lie, she changed her excuse to, ‘Well, they weren’t MARKED classified when I sent or received them.” And when neither of those excuses worked, she then claimed that the State Department and other government agencies were “over-classifying” her emails after a federal judge ordered them released to the public.

For her part, Clinton has done what she always does – hide behind her privilege in asserting that, despite the fact that news reports already prove she has violated U.S. law regarding the handling of classified materials, she nonetheless expects to be exonerated anyway.

“We are confident the review will conclude that nothing inappropriate took place,” the campaign told CNN. And, of course, Clinton has said publicly that any prosecution is “not going to happen.”

That’s very true – to be frank, the chances of Hillary Clinton being indicted over this are as good as her chances of being indicted for any number of past offenses.

But there is one thing that her sycophantic supporters in the press and inside the Washington bubble are forgetting: This is the year that Donald Trump was never supposed to get near the Republican presidential nomination, they all forecast, and now he’s a hair’s breadth away from it. So in this kind of once-in-a-lifetime political environment, anything goes.

There are other factors too – the State Department IT staffer who set up her email server and now has been given immunity; the unusually high number of FBI agents working the investigation; that fact that a Romanian hacker being tried in the U.S. for cyber crimes says it was “easy” to break into her server, for starters – that make it more likely this time around that Clinton may actually be held to account for official misconduct and shirking of the law.

Even if the indictment never comes, however, her low-energy campaign in which she was regularly outshined by her socialist opponent shows just how little enthusiasm there is for her. And as for Trump, well, he’s just getting started on her.


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