8 devastating ways America’s children are being poisoned on an everyday basis
06/13/2016 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
8 devastating ways America’s children are being poisoned on an everyday basis

A culture is measured by how they treat their most vulnerable. Infants and great grandmothers. Sixty million unknown children being plucked and pulled from what was our sacred space – our womb – indicates just how much we don’t want to be bothered with children. They’re messy, they take too much time… they prevent us from doing everything we want to do, right? And, if they make it through that third trimester intact, we’ll shoot them up with vaccines to bring them up to our level of disease. Or kill them outright. Infants feeding on GMO formula are fungible fodder for sugar death or addiction, obesity, WiFi-fried brains, genderfluid-flowing minds bowing down to their cell phone robot gods.

And the elderly? We discount their wisdom and fill them with aluminum. But let’s get back to how we poison our children who survive the womb. Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, starts the list like this:

“#1) Multiple vaccinations that inject mercury, aluminum, MSG and formaldehyde into children.” Where is the mass outrage? Formaldehyde for dead people and infants?

“#2) Mercury fillings” Many adults are still trapped with these leeching poisonous fillings. Dental schools, like western medical institutions, churn out dentists that still believe there is no harm. That doesn’t change the fact that the heavy metal mercury is downright dangerous.

We send our children to school and don’t always send a brown bag, thinking that the cafeteria will suffice. Well, #3, according to the Health Ranger, is “school lunches that use toxic processed ingredients, including sodium nitrate.” Doesn’t sodium nitrate cause cancer?

#4 on the list is the ubiquitous ingredient fluoride. The actual name of the toxic chemical added to our water supply is hydrofluosilicic acid. It’s a byproduct of aluminum-making and put in the water supply to “repurpose”toxic waste. Read “The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson.

Public education is #5. Can you say “Communist Core?”

#6 is merely washing your child’s hands or hair, or doing laundry with everyday toxic products. Synthetic chemicals are absorbed into their tender skin. This includes baby powder.

#7 is indoor air pollution. Paint, carpets, furniture, even new cars spew toxic fumes.

Tragically, #8 includes the psychiatric drugging of our youth. As Mike Adams says, “Most of the psychiatric disorders found in the DSM-V manual are completely fabricated works of fiction.”

A nation that murders their young cannot survive. Maybe that’s the point.








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