Facebook quickly censors social critic Pamela Geller from commenting on Islam following Florida massacre
06/20/2016 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
Facebook quickly censors social critic Pamela Geller from commenting on Islam following Florida massacre

Hillary and Obama and the confused masses who support them have said that the Orlando mass murder event demonstrates a “propaganda and perversion of Islam,” because Islam is a religion of peace. And the “access to powerful weapons” is really the problem. Even Bernie Sanders retorted that anyone who speaks out about the true intent of Islamic jihad is a bigot. Their answer, of course, is more gun control and an ramp-up of our fascist state, with Homeland Security forces standing in front of every movie theater and nightclub, schools and playgrounds, banks and bus stops.

But they all are wrong — dead wrong — and they might even know they are wrong, in an attempt to maintain the façade of political correctness. A few lives here or there while America takes its last dying breaths won’t matter. It’s power and control that matters. The end justifies the means.

Then there’s the ACLU who blames this jihad event on Christian “bigotry,” while concurrently promoting solidarity between Muslims and the LGBT community. Why would anyone in the LGBT community want to hang out with individuals whose scriptures indicate that LGBT individuals — and any non-believing infidel who won’t pay the tax or convert to Islam — must die?

Pamela Geller knows this. She is an activist, author and publisher who has continually  pushed for human rights, our freedom of speech and to awaken the West to the dangers of Sharia Law. She has stated that she “believes in moderate Muslims, but not in moderate Islam.” Ms. Geller  is castigated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as “the anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead.” And, after this tragic event in Orlando, following a posting by Ms. Geller that called out the President’s tepid response, Facebook decided to ban her free speech and blocked her comments under the worn-out guise of political correctness. Right before that 30-day ban was instituted, Facebook removed an entire Geller-inspired Facebook group on a similar topic.


Breitbart.com reports, “Just hours after they removed her 50,000-strong group, Stop Islamization of America, Facebook has issued prominent Islam critic Pamela Geller with a 30-day ban. . . According to Facebook, the message violated their community standards — but they did not specify which specific section of their standards was breached.”

So who is controlling Facebook’s community standards? The Husseini Islamic Center, just northeast of Orlando, invited Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar to their center and he said that killing homosexuals is not just right, it’s merciful. What do Facebook and YouTube and Google say about this? Not much, it seems.

It’s important to understand that this man is not an extremist. He’s a Muslim who takes his scriptures very seriously. Many Muslims, like Christians, don’t spend a lot of time reading their books. Maybe it’s time to start.

It is the Muslim who takes Islam seriously that Ms. Geller wants to make known. When Facebook banned her, here’s what she said, as reported by Breitbart.com.

“Facebook has enormous power, and implements fascist sharia-compliant policies on free speech in the wake of unfathomable slaughter,” wrote Geller. “Every freedom lover should be outraged.”










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