OUTRAGE: Republican establishment threatens Trump with lawsuit over Muslim ban after a terror attack but does NOTHING to stop Obama’s unconstitutional immigration edicts
06/20/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
OUTRAGE: Republican establishment threatens Trump with lawsuit over Muslim ban after a terror attack but does NOTHING to stop Obama’s unconstitutional immigration edicts

(Trump.news) After presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump vanquished 16 other Republican presidential contenders, conservative pundits — slowly but surely — began to figure out that the billionaire businessman has rewritten presidential campaign doctrine, overturning just about every “norm” there is when it comes to seeking the highest office in America.

You’d think that would make the Republican establishment happy, considering Trump has managed to turn out a record number of GOP primary voters, something no other Republican candidate in modern history has managed to do.

But they’re not. Instead, they continue to take pot shots at their own party’s presumptive leader as well as work to undermine him at virtually every turn – then complain that he’s not “uniting the party” like he should when they are the ones keeping it divided.

All that aside, the latest insult not only to Trump and his candidacy but to the tens of millions of Republican base voters, comes from none other than House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., who on Friday actually threatened to sue a President Trump if he moves to restrict Muslim immigration into the country on the grounds that, in the age of terrorism, the federal government is unable to vet many of them properly and thus reduce the risk of more attacks (since every single one of the last terrorist attacks on our soil have been committed by radical Islamic extremists).

Unbelievable. And unprecedented.

As reported by Left-leaning web site Talking Points Memo:

“I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers,” Ryan said in a back-and-forth about Trump’s claims that he could implement a Muslim ban or build a Mexican border wall without congressional approval.

Ryan said he wasn’t sure of the “legal question” of whether Trump could institute a Muslim ban on his own as president.

“That’s a legal question that there’s a good debate about,” he said, citing the 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act.

“On the broader question, are we going to exert our Article I powers and reclaim this Article I power no matter who the president is? Absolutely,” Ryan said. He also said he discussed the limits of the executive power with Trump.

On Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigration to the U.S., why is Ryan silent on the fact that Obama has done that very thing with Iraqi refugees, on recommendation from his intelligence agencies? Where was Ryan’s outrage then? Did he plan to sue?

Also, that last part about Congress re-exerting its Article I powers is especially rich, given that the Republican-controlled body has never done that with Obama, even when he has clearly exceeded his constitutional authorities. Oh, the GOP has gone to court, sure, but the Constitution doesn’t say “the Legislative Branch shall appeal to the Judicial Branch” to rein in an out-of-control president. Congress can defund a president’s initiatives, it can pass alternate legislation and it can impeach – none of which has been employed against Obama.

Ryan says he doesn’t want to see another Democrat in the White House. Fair enough. But if that’s so, then why does he attack and threaten his own party’s nominee more than he does the Democrat in the Oval Office and the one running against Trump?

This is more than just bizarre. It is outrageous, and Ryan – not Trump – needs to walk himself back.






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