Is this the kind of clown show can expect from Democrats if Clinton wins in November?
06/28/2016 / By JD Heyes / Comments
Is this the kind of clown show can expect from Democrats if Clinton wins in November?

( It was quite a spectacle to see earlier this week – part 1960s-era civil disobedience and part juvenile delinquency. I’m not sure which part dominated but I’m leaning towards the latter.

On Wednesday, a number of Democrats staged a “sit-in” on the floor of the House of Representatives, upset that GOP Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and the majority of other Republicans who control the chamber weren’t real keen on denying Americans a basic inalienable and constitutionally-protected right to due process under the law.

Like their colleagues in the Senate – and like every left-wing hack pundit on TV and in the news – House members were pining for new restrictive gun control legislation that, if it had passed, would have faced a lawsuit the moment the ink was dry. That’s because the legislation would have given the federal government arbitrary powers to put anyone and everyone it “suspected” of being a “terrorist” on a government watch list – a list that, if you make it, would prevent you from exercising your Second Amendment right to bear arms. No formal charges; no trial; no conviction. Just an arbitrary designation that big government nannies “promise” they wouldn’t abuse.

President Obama was all for it, of course, which is all the more reason to oppose it on its face. Why? Oh, because the Obama Department of Homeland Security has been trying to designate military veterans, conservative gun owners and other “right-wing extremists” as terrorists since the earliest days of his administration (here and here [PDF]). Guess what? These individuals would be put on government terrorist threat lists and would not be able to buy a gun or fly.


Just for holding different political views.

You know who else is all for that kind of capricious and broad government power? Likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and that brings us back full-circle to the clown show her fellow Democrats put on in the House last week.

As reported by The Washington Times:

Just hours before the sit-in, Mrs. Clinton met with House Dems for the first time since she clinched the presidential nomination from Vermont Sen. Bernard Sanders. The Hill reported she entered the meeting to chants of “Hillary! Hillary!” and “the theme of the day was one word — unity, unity and more unity.”

Nothing unifies Democrats like gun control.

It makes you wonder: Was the entire sit-in staged by the Clinton campaign as a way to advance its political agenda, unify the party around her candidacy and steal the news cycle from Mr. Trump at the same time?

Also, there is no denying that Rep. John Lewis, who led the sit-in, is a close personal ally of Clinton. After her 2008 loss in the Democratic primary to Obama, Lewis – Democrat of Georgia – said he would go all in for her this time around. He has been campaigning with her in many states and is helping her secure the African-American vote.

This kind of childish nonsense reminds one of the time when Wisconsin Senate Democrats actually fled their state rather than stay behind and do their job, all because they opposed GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-cutting proposals.

If Clinton wins in November – but Republicans hold Congress, which is likely – is this behavior by Democrats what Americans who are already fed up with the insanity to expect? If every time the GOP thwarts one of her initiatives, are congressional Democrats going to go all 1960s on us again?

Let’s hope not. What’s more, let’s hope enough sensible Democratic voters were embarrassed enough by this ridiculous stunt to replace some of the participants this fall.



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