Heart disease literally kills 100 TIMES more Americans every year than guns do
06/29/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Heart disease literally kills 100 TIMES more Americans every year than guns do

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, the Second Amendment has been under a fierce attack by the freedom-hating liberals and the uneducated fools running most mainstream media outlets.

Every single time there’s a mass shooting in America, the Regressive Left rushes to blame guns and the NRA. This was most recently apparent in the case of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, who, despite his radical Islamic ideology, received only part of the blame from mainstream media outlets. Instead, law-abiding gun owners were demonized by the intolerant leftists who refused to criticize radical Islam.

In the days and weeks following, the American people have been subjected to a series of anti-Second Amendment nonsense from people who are pretending to care about the issues despite being completely politically motivated. Leftist politicians want to convince everyone that guns are the leading cause of death in the world, but they couldn’t be more incorrect. In fact, guns aren’t even close to the top. Heart disease kills 100 times as many Americans every year as firearms do.

According to the CDC and the Gun Violence Archive, there have been just 6,420 gun deaths reported so far in 2016. Meanwhile, heart disease kills a stunning average of 614,348 per year. Those numbers aren’t even close; they’re not even in the same ballpark. In terms of deadliness, heart disease is an entirely different animal. And yet, we never hear liberals complaining about that.

Americans should be free to do whatever they please — without ridiculous legislation — as long as they do harm any innocent people in the process. In a world where virtually anything can kill you — and virtually anything can be used as a tool of destruction — you can’t regulate everything. There’s always going to be death, there’s always going to be murder, and there’s always going to be societal issues. Infringing on the rights of Americans is not the answer.

Unfortunately, politicians just don’t understand that. But if they are really trying to keep deadly items off the streets, maybe they should pass regulations on McDonald’s cheeseburgers…




Gun Violence Archive

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