Chiropractors come together to condemn toxic vaccinations for children

Becoming a chiropractor is a lengthy and often trying endeavor. Did you know it requires eight years of schooling? In addition to the four years of undergraduate school and four years of chiropractic school, chiropractors are also required to complete twenty hours of continuing education each year.

Their medical training and more holistic focus makes them a valuable healthcare asset, as they tend to be more skeptical of things that can be potentially harmful to the whole body, and are less likely to be subject to the relatively narrow focus in other areas of modern medicine. Vaccines, for example, are something many chiropractors are quite wary of.

Several chiropractors have come forward to express their concerns about vaccination and its potentially life-shattering effects. Dr. David Jockers, D.C., Nancy Tarlow, D.C. and Dr. Haroot Tovanyan, D.C. have all publicized their discontent with current vaccine practices and regimens and other safety concerns. Dr. Tarlow, for example, has stated, “When you inject chemicals into your body that are toxic, there will be an effect. It may not be obvious at first. A child might have a fever that the doctor says is “normal”, but it isn’t. A fever or screaming could be that the brain is swelling and causing damage.”

Dr. Jockers has also noted that all of the potential toxins that can be found in a single vaccine are quite worrisome. Aluminum, MSG, thimerosal, and formaldehyde are just some of the common substances you can find in a vaccine that he has expressed concerns about. Dr. Jockers has also said, “I absolutely reject the idea that injecting a group of toxic, immune insulting chemicals into my bloodstream will improve someone’s long-term immune response.”

Don’t forget that you can support your immune system with healthy foods instead of attacking it with toxins.



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