Schools shamelessly promote GMOs, vaccines to children
08/01/2016 / By Vicki Batts / Comments
Schools shamelessly promote GMOs, vaccines to children

Though disheartening, it is truly no surprise that Big Biotech has managed to introduce their propaganda into public school systems. Who better to prey upon than children? By forcing their agenda on young, impressionable minds, they can ensure a future where the safety of their products and practices goes unquestioned.

A screenshot from one student’s homework assignment revealed the question, “Are genetically modified foods safe to eat?”

As Natural News reports, the assignment also asked, “Do you hate going to the doctor for shots?” as well as, “What if you could eat a banana instead?” Natural News went on to report, “Through a process called genetic modification, scientists are creating foods that contain human vaccines as well as extra vitamins and minerals.”

So it would seem that in addition to brainwashing children, Big Biotech also wants to pick your child’s brain for product development. Pretty soon, school lunches might very well be accompanied by daily vaccines, in the form of a banana.

Also included in the worksheet is a lovely explanation about how scientists have made food “better” for us. Indeed, genetic modification is revered throughout the assignment, cited as being able to increase the positive traits within a food, while decreasing negative ones. This kind of thinking inherently assumes that nature can actually be “perfected” by human intervention somehow. The state that our planet is currently in should certainly suggest this ideation is not based on reality — human intervention has all but destroyed the earth.


There are severe environmental impacts associated with the cultivation of GMO crops. The use of destructive pesticides and herbicides, such as Roundup, is particularly concerning. The World Health Organization recently declared the main ingredient in Roundup, glyphosate, a probably carcinogen.

GMOs in and of themselves may be toxic to the environment and surrounding organisms as well. Non-target creatures such as bees, butterflies and birds are often harmed by these GM crops and their chemical counterparts. The use of harsh herbicides and pesticides often result in the growth and spread of superbugs and superweeds that can withstand the chemical abuse. Concerns about GM crops’ effects on biodiversity are also well-founded. GM crops often replace heritage seeds and are planted in a mono-crop fashion. Mono-cropping leads to the destruction of what was once good soil, leaving it devoid of essential nutrients for plant life.

To put it simply, GMOs are really anything but safe for the planet. It is shameful that these ideas are being foisted upon children to further immoral, corporate agendas. The best way to rebel against Big Biotech is to begin growing your own organic food with natural, GMO-free seeds.




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