Why people are buying Motopeds to survive the apocalypse

Monday, August 01, 2016 by

Half bicycle, half motorcycle, the Motoped is the latest vehicle that anyone preparing for an inevitable societal collapse — as well as anyone with an appreciation for fascinating two-wheeled vehicles — will want to look into.

A small-engine vehicle that can be operated both by its gas-powered engine as well as manually via its bicycle-like pedals, the Motoped is an ideal vehicle to have in your arsenal during an apocalyptic event. While it lacks the protection that armored, four-wheeled vehicles provide, the Motoped’s multi-functionality makes it an extremely attractive option for preppers.

But since they can be operated virtually silently — like a bicycle — but also utilized like a motorized vehicle in order to escape from bad situations quickly, Motopeds have many benefits that traditional vehicles lack. After all, there’s nothing particularly stealthy about a massive, gas-guzzling truck.

As nice as the traditional Motopeds are, it’s the Motoped Survival Bike, however, that is sure to send preppers into a frenzy of excitement.

With its dark green and black colors, the vehicle — modeled specifically for apocalyptic scenarios — is stealthy and intimidating. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing, either. Jeffrey Ross of Auto Evolution reports that the Survival Bike “can be equipped with a mount for your iPhone or GPS, a mini LED flashlight and a few multi-tool kits.” Ross goes on to recommend other features such as “the climbing rope with carabiners, tools such as a survival shovel, harpoon and an axe and, yes, there’s even room for a compound crossbow.”

With all of the extra features, the Survival Bike looks like a rugged, durable and intelligent option during a life or death situation. Even if you’re not worried about a societal collapse — and you should at least be prepared for one — the Motoped Survival Bike just looks cool. And that’s a more important aspect when it comes to selecting the proper vehicle than most folks are willing to admit!






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