Pediatricians Receive Thousands in Bonus Money Tied to Percentage of Vaccinated Patients
08/02/2016 / By D. Samuelson / Comments
Pediatricians Receive Thousands in Bonus Money Tied to Percentage of Vaccinated Patients

It’s called pay to play, and it’s a common theme throughout corrupt regimes. There are many variations. A small example could include a single standing mom and pop corner grocery store adjacent to prime real estate in NYC. These hard working folks are asked to “pay insurance” to the mob so their store won’t be burned to the ground. And then there’s the typical lobbyist pay to play. That was viewed in plain sight recently while the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association (GMA), Monsanto and the biotechnology agriculture industry lobbyists – along with some treacherous organic sellout’s like Whole Foods – poured millions into the coffers of Congress to vote for a toothless, confusing GMO label bill.  As we expand our vision, imagine the pay to play deals threatening the nations of the world, as in, “we’ll bomb you . . . .unless.”

Pay to play also pushes those toxic vaccine concoctions. There’s money to be made by injecting your children.

How disheartening that innocent loving people, and their tiny offspring, who trust their physician, may be unwittingly playing hostage to a wide spread pay to play scheme that has the potential to induce severe injury, including death. And it’s so stealth, you probably haven’t a clue that it even exists. Why does your doctor promote vaccines? Is it based on sound science? Is it for your child’s well-being, or is it for money? According to a report from Wellness and Equality, those vaccination records may be  turned into an invoice of sorts. Once the full round of vaccines, including flu vaccines, have been given to the child, the pay to play sets in. The pay off currently stands as a $400 bonus for your records given to the white coat. Maybe that’s why, as Wellness and Equity surmises:


“Pediatricians around the country have begun refusing to accept families who opt out of some or all vaccines.”

And the bonus comes shortly after age 2, so some doctor’s may have the money incentive to make sure they get all the vaccines called for by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). How do we know this? As reported by Wellness and Quality, this document become available from the internal organs of Blue Cross Blue Shield. And on page 14 of this  Provider Incentive Program, you’ll see that the “Payout COMM” is indeed set at $40o.

 Blue Cross Blue Shield has a very specific demographic (age 2) and very specific list of vaccines that must be included for the bonus. Some might call this a hit list.


Physicians can’t be paid unless they hit both those targets.

As Wellness and Equality reported, this entire network of bribery might have remained a very stealth initiative, if not for a mother daughter suffered severe neurological distress shortly after being given a vaccine before she turned one year-old. After the vaccine, the toddler’s walking stopped. It was agreed that the brain injury was caused by the vaccine. Fortunately, this mother had excellent assistance with helping her toddler to detox from those vaccine ingredients as well as a  guided nutritional supplement program. The little give improved greatly. She went back to the doctor for a check up.

The doctor wanted to inject another vaccine. Why? The mother was suspicious, so she searched. Guess what?  That daughter fit the BCBS criteria. She wasn’t yet two years-old.  Maybe there would be time for another bonus. After all, as Wellness and Equality report, “If your doctor manages to fully vaccinate 200 patients, that bonus jumps to $80,000.”

Too bad families don’t get bonuses from their insurance companies for engaging in healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating and growing organic produce.


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