Survival in a fallen society: What we can learn from Venezuela’s mistakes

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 by

During an era when more and more people seem to be giving serious consideration to bringing socialism to America, it’s important to acknowledge precisely what that entails. While the idea of everyone receiving free everything seems glorious, anyone with the faintest idea of how economics work knows that it is destined for failure. Nothing in life is free — someone pays for everything.

If you want to see what kind of society we’ll be living in under a socialist regime, look no further than Venezuela, which is currently in shambles as a result of their system of economics. The country has descended into complete and utter poverty. Food is hard to come by. Hospital patients must supply their own toilet paper…

So when you fight for socialism — and claim that it’s the way of the future — this is what you’re referencing.

Socialist societies are destined to eventually collapse. When that time comes, the people will be forced to fend for themselves and utilize their survival instincts. Should America ever sink to that level where a socialist economy is put in place, there are a number of things to do to prepare.

Stocking up on food and supplies is a must. The biggest issue facing Venezuela today is a lack of supplies. If American society collapses, the only way to ensure your safety and survival is by being adequately prepared. You don’t want to be purchasing toilet paper off the streets at an insane price increase. That’s no way to live.

Having an adequate amount of food, medicine, and any disposable necessities such as toiletries is vital.

In all honesty, the easiest way to avoid such an issue is the refusal to vote for any politician looking to bring socialist ideals to America. It’s important to know how to survive under the worst circumstances, but avoiding these circumstances altogether is the best option.




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