Are domestic hackers preparing to hijack our November elections?
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Are domestic hackers preparing to hijack our November elections?

( You might have missed this little item that was published without a lot of fanfare on Monday: The FBI has detected evidence that in at least two states, hackers have infiltrated electronic balloting systems and voter registration data, and in at least one of those cases information was actually removed from the system.

As reported by Yahoo News, the bureau has sent out a warning to every state board of election informing officials of the twin hacks and advising them that their electronic systems were at risk as well.

From the news report:

The FBI bulletin listed eight separate IP addresses that were the sources of the two attacks and suggested that the attacks may have been linked, noting that one of the IP addresses was used in both intrusions. The bulletin implied that the bureau was looking for any signs that the attacks may have been attempting to target even more than the two states. “The FBI is requesting that states contact their Board of Elections and determine if any similar activity to their logs, both inbound and outbound, has been detected,” the alert reads. “Attempts should not be made to touch or ping the IP addresses directly.”

While the bulletin did not say which states were targeted, law enforcement sources told Yahoo News systems in Illinois and Arizona were hacked. In the case of Illinois, state officials had to shut down the voter registration system for 10 days in late July after hackers were able to download personal information on 200,000 voters. The Arizona hack was much more limited, but hackers introduced malware into the voter registration system.


Just in case you were wondering, yes – this is a very big deal, because it shows, once again, that someone, or some nation, is attempting to hijack and likely manipulate the American electoral process. The obvious questions are why, and to what end?

Somebody wants someone to win in November, and while it is easy to just assume that a that a foreign government is involved, we can’t put it past one party – the Democrats – to attempt to steal elections, because they’ve done it before.

The balloting process is being subverted by Democrats in other ways already; if they or anyone else can out-and-out steal elections electronically, by changing the results via hacking, then Americans will have no conventional method of participating in their own governance, as was envisioned by the founding fathers.

What will tens of millions of Americans do when they realize that their votes really don’t matter anymore? You can probably guess.

The little Stalin masterminds who are behind this mean to affect American elections, as in, they mean to steal them. It could be a foreign entity or it could be some domestic operation, it just isn’t clear yet. But whoever is responsible will set off a firestorm of epic proportions if Americans wake up November 9 and find out that election results from around the country have been tampered with and altered.

Then again, maybe that’s what “they” want.

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