Will Big Pharma try to buy the marijuana industry, or block it?
09/06/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Will Big Pharma try to buy the marijuana industry, or block it?

After decades and decades of fighting, marijuana truly seems to be on the verge of being completely decriminalized. It’s been on the horizon for quite some time now, and the day that every cannabis advocate in the country — as well as non-smoking libertarians who simply believe in the freedoms of the American people — has been waiting for is sure to come within the next few years.

While the federal government is still doing everything within their power to stop it — from keeping the plant’s classification as a Schedule I drug to giving nonviolent cannabis smokers egregious sentences in court — the American people have spoken. We want the regulation-free legalization of marijuana and that’s what we intend to get, regardless of how long it takes to achieve that goal.

Perhaps the largest elephant in the room of this entire situation, though, is where Big Pharma will land in regards to the legalization. Will they attempt to purchase marijuana distributors and farmersĀ for their own financial gain, or will they attempt to destroy the industry in order to keep their chemical-ridden “alternatives” raking in billions upon billions of dollars?

Since discussions to legalize marijuana have become more and more serious, pharmaceutical companies have become more and more outspoken in regards to the reported “dangers” of consuming it. Of course the chemical peddlers are trying to convince the general public that their drugs are healthier than a natural plant. As absurd as that is to say, it’s become Big Pharma’s M.O. over the past few decades.

So how do we stop this? Well, the smartest route of action is simply to continue spreading the truth about cannabis and marijuana. Tell everyone of the numerous health benefits of consuming the natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and debunk the endless amount of lies that inevitably come with that conversation.

After all, the entire scheme to keep marijuana criminalized is merely a way for the federal government to enslave the American people and ensure that Big Pharma continues to make egregious amounts of money. It’s time that we, as free citizens, begin to speak out against this kind of enslavement. We cannot allow these groups to treat us like cattle.

We must make our voices heard and take back the freedoms that our Founding Fathers wanted for us.





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