Hillary supporters try to reframe Benghazi attack as a ‘conspiracy’
09/07/2016 / By Mary Wilder / Comments
Hillary supporters try to reframe Benghazi attack as a ‘conspiracy’

To those of us that desperately do not want Hillary Clinton to be elected president, one of the frequent talking points is the attack on Benghazi in which Crooked Hillary allowed courageous Americans to be murdered.

Anyone with half of a working brain can understand why this is such a major issue to us freedom-loving United States citizens, yet the mainstream media and the liberal sheeple continue to sweep it under the rug as if it doesn’t matter. Hillary herself has made numerous remarks about how she thinks it’s time to drop the issue and move on from it, which seems absolutely asinine when you consider how big of an issue it actually is.

Should she unfortunately be elected this fall, she would be facing hundreds, if not thousands, of issues exactly like Benghazi. What would she do then? It could be extremely dangerous for our entire country.

As tasteless as the mainstream media’s coverage of Benghazi has been thus far, it’s gotten even worse recently, as Hillary’s supporters have grown increasingly desperate to ensure that she is elected. As her health has appeared to have dwindled in recent weeks — combined with all of her other scandals, including her general untrustworthiness — the liberal lunatics are looking for anything to grasp onto in order to prevent their candidate of choice from getting the boot.

A recent email hack by cyber activist Guccifer 2.0 reveals that the DNC had comprised a list of talking points in order to combat the unavoidable nature of the Benghazi attack. The email states, “Benghazi is a tragedy, not a scandal. At this point, most public discussion is pandering to conspiracy theorists or harping on the death of an American ambassador to score political points.”

In typical liberal fashion, the democrats are attempting to appear morally superior while simultaneously going out of their way to avoid talking about the truth. These fools are actually trying to paint the tragedy in Benghazi as a conspiracy to prevent Hillary from being elected. Instead of acknowledging the reality of the situation — that Clinton is, for numerous reasons, incredibly unfit to be president — they’re passing off a legitimate issue as a conspiracy theory.

The shamelessness seems to know no bounds with this bunch. They continue to press forward with their attempts at passing off anyone who disagrees with their warped worldview as an insane conspiracy theorist. It’s a cheap tactic to discredit their detractors without providing any logical reason why. We shouldn’t play into their game anymore. We should be tenacious in our attempts to spread the truth and fight for justice and honesty in media.





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